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HERA: Housing Education, Research & Advisory Center

Starting with the fact that duty and responsibility of the universities is not only to provide qualified education but also to make positive contributions to the socio-cultural, economic and physical environments they exist in ’, the goal of the Unit is two-folded:

To help Faculty of Architecture in its process of taking the place it deserves on international platforms by way of following the economic, socio-cultural and scientific framework in the relative fields which are subject to rapid changes and development; and utilizing and contributing to the research area with its own peculiarities from North Cyprus.

Contributing to the ‘Formation of Habitable and Sustainable Housing and Living Environments' which would be able to respond the users’ needs and requirements in TRNC and the city of Gazimağusa by providing that the relationships between the users and the natural and built environments surrounding them is well understood by all the actors included in the fields of housing, building and planning.

Further aims are to construct a comprehensive framework of research based on the relevant fields in EMU; communication with similar research organizations abroad in relevant research areas and also in the Mediterranean Basin on more specific agenda within a common ground in consideration with the local case; educational activities by considering all related actors; give consultation-based and project-based services to the relevant sector.