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Mimarlık Yüksek Lisans

Mimarlık Yüksek Lisans tamamlanan tez listesi

İsimTez BaşlığıSupervisor
Tamamlanma Tarihi
Nazen CanseverAn Investigation Of Property Management For ArchitectsAssoc. Prof. Dr. Faruk Yalçin UğurluNOVEMBER 1995
Fevzi ÖzersayArchitectural Design Education With ComputersAssist. Prof. Dr.Hüseyin AteşinAUGUST 1996
M. Saltuk AteşinIn Search For Optimal FormsProf. Dr. Necati ŞenAUGUST 1996
Sevda BayramoğluAn Analysis Of Contractor Organisations In The Construction Sector Of TRNCAssist. Prof. Dr. Attila DikbaşMARCH 1997
Mukaddes FaslıThe Use Of Residential Exterior Spaces In North CyprusAssoc.Prof. Dr. Derya OktaySEPTEMBER 1997
Hıfsıye PulhanInfluence Of The Cultural Factors On Spatial Organization Of  The Traditional Turkish Houses Of LefkosaProf. Dr. Ibrahim NumanSEPTEMBER 1997
Rüya ÖzakOrganisation Of Holiday Villages On Site And Overview In Turkey And Northern CyprusAssist.Prof. Dr. Uğur DağliJANUARY 1998
Halil Zafer AlibabaAn Analysis Of Material Supplier Organisations In The Construction Sector Of Northern CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Attila DikbaşFEBRUARY 1998
Salih YılgörürEvaluation Of Tunnel Form Worksystem In Terms Of Production Characteristics And Production Cost.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faruk Yalçin UğurluFEBRUARY 1998
Ahmet Volkan ÖzkanlıEffects Of The Street Corners On The Quality Of Urban Environment; Evaluations In The Historical Peninsula Of Istanbul.Assoc. Prof.Dr. Derya OktayMAY 1998
Nazife OzayInfluences Of Stylistic Tendencies On The Interior Design In Cypriot Architecture.Assoc. Prof.Dr. Ustün AlsaçMAY 1998
Özlem ErçolakDefects Of Facades Of The Buildings Case Studies In TRNC.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faruk Yalçin UğurluMAY 1998
Zehra ÖngülOrnamentations In Interior Spaces (Case Study: Old Houses İn Nicosia).Prof.Dr. Nurten AksugürJUNE 1998
Kağan GünceA Systematic Approach To Select Internal Finishes.Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe ÖztürkJUNE 1998
Özgür DinçyürekThe Adobe Houses Of Mesaoria Region In Cyprus.Prof. Dr. Ibrahim NumanJULY 1998
Münevver DinandThe Significance Of Communication In Architectural Education: Toward A Critical Pedagogy In Architectural Education.Prof.Dr. Nurten AksugürJULY 1998
Genco ÖterAlternative Settlements In Architectural Utopias And Their Affects On The Built Environment.Assoc. Prof.Dr. Ustün AlsaçSEPTEMBER 1998
Mete KeleşEvaluation Of Mass Housing Of Northern Cyprus In Respect To Climatic Design.Prof.Dr. Nurten AksugürOCTOBER 1998
Polat HançerExamining The Building Shell In Magusa-TRNC In Terms Of Solar Energy Use.Assoc.Prof. Dr. Beril MayerJANUARY 1999
Nil PaşaoğullarıAn Evaluation Of Public Open Space Provision And Use In Rapidly Growing Towns: As A Case Study Of Gazimagusa.Prof. Dr. Ibrahim NumanJUNE 1999
Bars BayindirFactors Affecting Labor Productivity In Construction Sector In Turkey.Assoc. Prof.Dr. Nesil F. Baytin

JUNE 1999
Emre GünceEvolution Of Urban Development In Girne(Kyrenia) With Particular Reference To Its Historical Quarters And Its Implications For Tourism.Assoc.Prof.Dr. Fouad MallickFEBRUARY 2000
Oğuz ŞengezerArchitectural Design And Construction Of Precast Concrete In Frame Structures.Prof.Dr. Erdal AksugürFEBRUARY 2000

Kuzey KarahanlıThe Use Of Arch In The Traditional Architecture Of Cyprus.Prof.Dr. İbrahim NumanFEBRUARY 2000

Belgin EminerAlternative Tourism Opportunities For The Development Of Rural Areas: The Evaluation Of Kaleburnu And Sipahi Villages In Karpaz Peninsula.Assoc. Prof.Dr.

Ugur Dagli
MAY 2000
Serda Bal

Urban Morphology: An Analysis Of AntakyaAssoc. Prof. Dr.

Derya Oktay
JULY 2000
Fatma İlkin

Cultural Influence On Architectural Features: An Investigation Of Different Ethnic Groups In North Cyprus.Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Uğur Dağli
Şaziye HafızoğluStone Use In British Domestic Architecture In North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr.

Hüseyin Ateşin
Mustafa AkartunaEvaluation Of Public Open Spaces In NicosiaAssoc.Prof.Dr.

Derya Oktay
Beser OktayEvaluation Of  Impacts Of Tourism At The Coastal City Of GirneAssoc.Prof.Dr. Ugur Ulas DagliDECEMBER 2000
Bahar AkpınarAn Analysis On Architectural Images Considering Visual PerceptionProf. Dr. Erdal AksugürFEBRUATY 2000
Nevter ZaferAn Analytical Study On Shopping Centre DevelopmentAssist. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Önal Hoşkara / Assist. Prof. Dr. Yonca HürolMARCH 2001
Esra CanA Limited Study Of The Use Of Axis In The Traditional Turkish ArchitectreProf. Dr. İbrahim Numan

MARCH 2001
Hayal AsyaA Study On Street SpacesAssist. Prof Dr. Karim Hadjri / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Önal HoşkaraMARCH 2001
Nadiye KurudereliA Study Of Public Open Spaces For Social Integration With References To GazimagusaAssist. Prof Dr. Karim Hadjri / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Önal HoşkaraMARCH 2001
Ahmet SaymanlierClimatic Aspects Of  Spaces In Cypriot Vernacular ArchitectureProf. Dr. Mesut OzdenizFEBRUARY 2001
Ayse GokmenThe Use Of Window In Northern Cyprus ArchitectureProf. Dr. Mesut OzdenizSEPTEMBER 2001
Afet CelikerInvestigate The Boundaries Of Living Spaces In The Dwellings, Case Study (Northern Cyprus)Prof. Dr. Sevinc ErturkSEPTEMBER 2001
Ozlem OzderenTransformation And Change In Social Housing In Northern CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Önal Hoşkara

Ashraf Abu HilalAffordable Residential Open Buildings For Low Income Groups In The West Bank - PalestineAssoc. Prof. Dr. Nicholas WilkinsonJANUARY 2002
Ala IsmailArchitectural Design And CreativityAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ayla ÇevikJANUARY 2002
Ilkay AtakEvaluation Of Transitional Spaces In University Buildings: An Analysis In The Middle East Technical University CampusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Derya OktayFEBRUARY 2002
Eldem GursanA Study On The Formation Of Exterior Spaces In Relation To Topography: Case Studies Of Karmi And Korkuteli Villages In North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Önal HoşkaraJUNE 2002
Cemil AtakaraSpatial Characteristics Of Suspended Glass System With Prestressed Cable TrussAssist. Prof. Dr. Yonca HürolJULY 2002
Emre AkbilPosition Of Home Within The Context Of Information Mediated Social EnvironmentsAssist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Ateşin

JULY 2002
Ceren BoğaçAdaptation And Place Attachment In A Physically Foreign Settlement: A Study Of A Local Environment In Aşağı Maraş, GazimağusaAssist. Prof. Dr. Saim NalkayaAUGUST 2002
Emrah ArslanPartitions İn Interiors: Classification, Performance Criteria And Selectiıon GuideProf. Dr. Erdal AksugürSEPTEMBER 2002

Aytuğ YazganAn Analytical Approach For Evaluating The Ways Of Beginning A Design Project İn ArchitectureProf. Dr. Zafer ErtürkSEPTEMBER 2002
Pınar UluçayA Study On Ecological DesignAssist. Prof. Dr. Beril Özmen MayerSEPTEMBER 2002
Ayşe BaysalAnalysis Of Kösklüçiftlik Quarter In LefkoşaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Naciye DoratliJANUARY 2003
Seher AltınayArchitecture And Built Environment Within The Educational System In Turkey: With Reference To TextbooksAssoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Önal HoşkaraJANUARY 2003
Emre GuncePublic Participation In The Planning Process

Prof. Dr. Ruşen Keleş / Assist. Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratli2003 MAY
Reyhan Bilgeer ÇıkaChurches, Chapels And Monasteries In Northeastern Messaoria RegionAssoc. Prof. Dr. Netice YildizJANUARY 2003
Mustafa CihangirEcotourism In Dipkarpaz Village (An Architectural Approach)Assist. Prof. Dr. Beril Özmen MayerJANUARY 2003
Narin GülerCriteria And Design Guidelines For Elderly Housing: Alternatives For Gazimagusa,TRNCAssist. Prof. Dr. Saim NalkayaJULY 2003
Müge Tuğran DövenBehavioural Factors In The Planning Of Office EnvironmentsAssist. Prof. Dr. Saim NalkayaJULY 2003
Aslı ÖzgürünGuidelines To Enhance Quality Of Residential Urban Life In GazimagusaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Can KumbaracibaşiAUGUST 2003
Selen AbbasoğluHistorical Analysis Of The Walled City Of FamagustaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Netice YildizAUGUST 2003
Leyla ÇınarAn Ergonomic Evaluation For Interior Space Of Housing UnitsProf. Dr. Sevinç Ertürk

Erdaş KuruçThe Effects Of CAD On Architectural Developments In Presentation And Space ConceptionAssist. Prof. Dr. Yonca HürolAUGUST 2003
Gaye ŞenyaşaFuture Problems, Possibilities, And Limitations Of Skyscraper Production In Turkey Through Implemented TechnologiesAssoc. Prof. Dr. Nesil BaytinSEPTEMBER 2003
Mustafa DinsevConceptual Site Investigation For The Selection Of Optimal Structural SystemAssist. Prof. Dr. Munther MohdSEPTEMBER 2003
Gül Hande TerzioğluAn Analytic Study On The Church Of Our Lady Of Tyre In LefkoşaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Üstün AlsaçSEPTEMBER 2003
Emre GuncePublic Participation In The Planning ProcessProf. Dr. Ruşen Keleş / Assist. Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratli

2003 MAY
Farah QutobStructural Problems Due To Non-Performance Failure Of Reinforced ConcreteAssist. Prof. Dr. Yonca HürolMAY 2004
Jamal Bakry


An Integrated Approach To Construction Management For Assessing The Overall Performance Of Construction Management ProcessesAsst.Prof.Dr. A.N. MohamedJUNE 2004
Gözde BerkmanAnalysis Of Design & Use Of Entrances In Domestic Architecture Of CyprusDr. Hifsiye PulhanJULY 2004
Ali TanrıkulEconomic & Political Influences In References To The Physical Form & Costal Cities: The Case Of Kyrenia (Girne) & Larnaca (Larnaka)Assoc.Prof.Dr. Uğur DağliJULY 2004
Fatma TerlikUnderstanding Contemporary Technological Creativity In Architecture Through Railway Stations

Asst.Prof.Dr. Yonca HürolJULY 2004

Nezire Mulladayılar


Neighbourhood Concept And Built Environment Relations In GazimagusaAssoc.Prof.Dr. Can Kumbaracibaşi 



Remziye KatırcıoğluRole Of Playground Design On The Physical, Social And Cognitive Development Of ChildrenAssist. Prof. Şenol YağizFEBRUARY 2005
Canan CakirAn Analysis Of Evolution Of Office Space In Respect To The Technology, Organizational Approaches And Human NeedsAssist. Prof. Dr. Guita FarivarsadriJUNE 2005

Yara Saifi
A Study Of Power And Modern Architectural Aesthetics: The Case Of The French Hill District; East JerusalemAssist. Prof. Dr. Yonca HurolJUNE 2006
Makbule OktayLearning From Karpas Vernacular Conceptualization Of The Karpas ArchitectureAssist. Prof. Dr. Ozgur DincyurekJUNE 2006
Elif Cemre BakkalogluA Quest On Flexibility Criteria In The Design Of Residential Interior SpacesAssist. Prof. Ozlem Olgac TurkerJANUARY 2006
Halide OrcunogluAn Investigation On User Initiated Changes And As Inspiration In Housing Complex Of Girne Region, North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Hifsiye PulhanJUNE 2006
Burak TursoyA Renew Of Mass Housing In North Cyprus In Terms Of Environmental SustainabilityAssist. Prof. Dr. Beril Ozmen MayerJUN 2006
Maziar ZandiUtilization Of Natural Ventilation In Atriums To Minimize EnergyProf. Dr. Erdal AksugurJUN 2006
Yargi EdizerAn Assessment Of The Architectural Heritage In LaptaAssoc.Prof Dr. Netice YildizJUNE 2006
Fodei ContehEvaluation Of The Research Development Around Famagusta Based On Smart Growth TheoryProf. Dr. Derya OktaySEPTEMBER 2006
Halleh NejadrıahıDesign Principles And Space Organizations İn PersepolisProf.Dr.İbrahim NumanJUNE 2007
Kamyar ArabArchitectural Evolution Under The Scope Of Technological Advancements.Prof.Dr. İbrahim NumanJUNE 2007
Mohammad Hosseın SadehSelection Of Glazing Materials For Transparent Building Envelope.Prof.Dr.Erdal AksugürJUNE 2007
Seyedeh Tannaz AlavıWater As An Architectural Element. A Limited Study Through The Use Of Water İn Persian Architecture.Prof.Dr. İbrahim NumanJUNE 2007
Meray TalugArchitectural Decorative Elements Of Late Roman And Early Byzantine Monuments At Famagusta DistrictAssoc.Prof.Dr Netice YıldızJUNE 2007
Bahar UluçayHouses With Two Independent Storey İn The Development Of Modernization Process İn Social And Urbancontext:The Case Of Nicosia(1940-1970)Assoc.Prof.Dr Turkan U. UrazJUNE 2007
Amır Teımour HabıbabadıInfluence Of High Rise Building Forms On Earthquake ResistanceAssist.Prof.Dr Munther Moh'dJUNE 2007
Halıma Lamı BashırTowards The Continuity Of Vernacular Architecture: Re-Examining Social Housing SchemesAssist.Prof.Dr Beril Ö. MayerJUNE 2007
Azin DilmaghaniA New Interpretation Of Spatiality In Terms Of Archetypes As Transitional Elements İn ArchhitectureAssoc.Prof.Dr Hıfsiye PulhanFEBRUARY 2008
Sourına MehryarDivision Of Interior Spaces (An Assessment On Frank Lloyd Wright's Buildings Interiors)Prof.Dr.İbrahim NumanFEBRUARY 2008
Olusola Abımbola SonaıyaEvolution, Analysis And Future Of The Traditional Yoruba HouseAssoc.Prof.Dr Ozgur DinçyürekJUNE 2008
Alı Mohammad Samı KashkoolıRe-Usability Of High-Rise BuildingsAsst.Prof.Dr.

Nıcholas Wılkınson
JUNE 2008
Gızem GuvenbasEvaluation Of Identity İn Public Open Spaces Case Study: Kyrenia Sea Front(Kordonboyu)

Asst.Prof.Dr. Mukaddes FaslıJUNE 2008
Negar SadatakhavıEvaluation Of The Parks İn The City Of Gazimagusa İn Terms Of LandscapingAsst.Prof.Dr.

Mukaddes Faslı
JUNE 2008
Shayan HeıdarıanAn Investigation On The Role Of Structural Elements İn Generation Of Architectural FormAssoc.Prof.Dr Hıfsiye PulhanJUNE 2008
Mına Yavarı AbdıQuestioning The Form And Pattern Of The City İn Earthquake Regions: The Case Of TehranAssoc.Prof.Dr Naciye DoratlıAUGUST 2008
Samaneh GhafourıanA Review On Lighting İn Public Outdoor SpacesAssoc.Prof.Dr Sebnem Onal HoşkaraAUGUST 2008
Farnaz PakdelMeasuring Sense Of Place İn Traditional Iranian BazaarProf.Dr.İbrahim NumanAUGUST 2008
Muge RızaA Review On The Design Of New Buildings İn Historic SettingsAssoc.Prof.Dr Naciye DoratlıMARCH 2009
Saba Noory YeganehA Critical Study Of Developments İn Auditorium Design İn The Last Fifty Years (1960-2009)Prof.Dr.Mesut B. OzdenızMARCH 2009
Anastasıa ArtyukhovaThe Major Effects Of Colours İn Various Interior Spaces On The Performance, Behaviour And Psycho-Physiological Well-Being Of The UsersProf.Dr.Erdal AksugürMARCH 2009
Amır Attarzadeh JozdanıThe Principles And Tools İn Design Of Flexible SpacesAsst.Prof.Dr.Guıta FarıvarsadrıMARCH 2009
Sogol MoezziCritical Look To Double Skin Facade SystemsAsst.Prof.Dr.Halil Zafer AlibabaJUNE 2009
Mahsa Tafazolı HerandıAn Assessment Of User Satisfaction İn Public Housing: Case Of GazimagusaAsst.Prof.Dr.

Resmıye A. Atun
JUNE 2009
Ayla AledavoodAn Investigation Of Psychological Comfort Based On Innovitivity İn Open Plan WorkplacesProf.Dr Kutsal  OzturkJUNE 2009
Negar AsoobarA Comparative Assessment Of The Design Approaches For The Conversion Of Historic Residental BuildingsAsst.Prof.Dr.

Ozlem O. Turker
JUNE 2009
Ceren KürümSurviving Modernism: The Live-İn Kitchen İncluding The Turkish Cypriot CaseAsst.Prof.Dr Türkan U. UrazJUNE 2009
Melina BarbatSense Of Place İn Belowground LevelsProf.Dr. Ayse SenturerJUNE 2009
Daniel Adeniyi AlaoA Review Of Mass Housing İn Abuja, Nigeria: Problems And Possible Solutions Towads Sustainable HousingAssoc.Prof.Dr Şebnem Onal Hoskara 
Taraneh D. JamnaniCritical Look To Developments İn Architectural StructuresProf.Dr.Mesut B. ÖzdenizJUNE 2009
Öznem ŞahaliThe Issues Of Ontology And Scenography İn Tectonics Of Buildings With Frame Systems İn ArchitectureProf.Dr İbrahim  Numan/

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yonca Hürol
JUNE 2009
Türkan TorunSpatial Analysis Of Traditianal Coffeehouses F Cyprus: A Case F Multifunctional SpaceAsst.Prof.Dr Banu T. ÇavuşoğluJUNE 2009
Nezir AsfuroğluA Review Of Mixed-Use CentersAsst.Prof.Dr Beril Ö. MayerJUNE 2009
Begüm MozaikçiInnovated Building Materials İnteraction With Structural Form İn Architectural ProjectsAsst.Prof.Dr.

Munther Moh'd
JUNE 2009
Aslı ArnavutAnalysis Of Residential Building Facades İn Terms Of Desing Principles İn A Transforming City: Kyrenia-North Cpyrus.Assit.Prof.Dr Nil Paşaoğlu ŞahinJUNE 2009
Arash VahediNature As A Source Of Inspiration Of Architectural Conceptual DesingAsst.Prof.Dr.

Munther Moh'd
Saeedeh Karbalaei Zeinali 

An Invıstigation Of The Effect Of Furnishing On The Hapticity Of Architectural Space
Asst.Prof.Dr.Guıta FarıvarsadrıSEPTEMBER 2009
Taraneh NoorianPersonalization Of Space İn Office EnviromentsAsst.Prof.Dr.Guita FarıvarsadrıSEPTEMBER 2009
Ladifa Barau MuhammadSystematic Evaluation Of Curtain Wall TypesAsst.Prof.Dr

Halil Zafer Alibaba
2010 February
Melek ErçakıcaQuestioning The Influence Of Cultural Background On Housing Exterior Space Identity In Bahçeli,Karaman,Lapta In North CyprusAssoc.Prof.Dr

Mukaddes Fasli
09-10 SPRİNG
Ghazaleh MokhaberıStructural And Technological Principles Within Architecture EducationAsst.Prof.Dr

Munther Moh'd
09-10 SPRİNG

Effects Of Media Elements (Uraban Screen And Media Facade) On Built EnvironmentAssoc.Prof.Dr.

Uğur Ulaş Dağli
09-10 SPRİNG
Parastoo PourvahıdıBioclimatic Analysis Of Vernacular Iranian ArchitectureProf.Dr.Mesut Özdeniz09-10 SPRİNG
Roshanak DivsalarBuilding Problem In Hot ClimatesAsst. Prof. Dr. Polat Hançer09-10 SPRİNG
Sarvenaz PakravanUses Of The Basic Landscaping Elements In Shopping Malls, Case Study: Istanbuland Dubai 


Mukaddes Fasli

09-10 SPRİNG
Maral Saffarian NourAdaptable Housing For Low Income Group In Northern CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr.  Nicholas Wilkinson09-10 SPRİNG
Sowgol KhoshroonejadA Comparison Of Daylight Prediction MethodsProf.Dr.Mesut Özdeniz09-10 SPRİNG
Narin FaravarAesthetics And Users Preferences Of Formal Aesthetic (The Case Study On Restaurants On Girne, Mağusa And Lefkoşa)Prof. Dr. Kutsal Özturk09-10 SPRİNG
Saereh ZabihiEvaluating The Effects Of Modern Movement On Contemporary Residential Buildings In Iran's Capital City-TehranAsst. Prof. Dr. Nazife Özay09-10 SPRİNG
Jallaludeen MuazuAffordable Housing Within The Context Of Sustainability: Challenges And Prospects In Yola, NigeriaProf. Dr. Derya Oktay09-10 SPRİNG
Sinem KaraEvolution Of Residential Buildings From The Beginning Of 20th Century To Our DaysAsst. Prof. Dr. Nazife Özay09-10 SPRİNG
Amir PeyraviAn Evaluation Of Re-Functioning Opportunities Of Historical Churches In Walled-City Of FamagustaAssoc.Prof.Dr

Özlem Olgaç Türker
09-10 SPRİNG
Sahar BarazeshSuggestion For Designing Sustainable Touristic Resort ComplexesAsst. Prof. Dr.  Nicholas Wilkinson10-11 FALL
Samaneh PakishanEvaluation The Appropriateness Of Double Skin Glass Façade System, Within The Context Of SustainabilityAsst. Prof. Dr.  Ercan Hoskara10-11 FALL
Zehra BabutsalıEvaluation Of Authorization And Autonomous Interior Space Organization Case StudyAssoc.Prof.Dr.

Uğur Ulaş Dağli/

Assit.Prof.Dr Nil Paşaoğlu Şahin
10-11 FALL
Mılad RabıfardThe İntegration Of Form And Structure İn The Work Of Louis KahnAsst. Prof .Dr

Isaac Lerner
10-11 FALL
Timothy Onosahwo IyendoAcoustic Control İn A Multipurpose HallProf.Dr.Mesut ÖzdenizSEPTEMBER 2011
Yasaman AdeliIdentification Of The Vernacular Kandovan Cave Dwelling İn IranAssoc.Prof.Dr Ozgur DinçyürekSEPTEMBER 2011
Ehsan RezaIdentification Of Staircase House Type İn Rural Architecture Of Iran : Masouleh And Abyaneh SettlementsAssoc.Prof.Dr Ozgur DinçyürekSEPTEMBER 2011
Nazanin Sadat BehbahaniTheoretical Rewive On Color İn Interior Spaces An Experimental Assassment Of Iranian HousesAssist. Prof. Dr. Banu T.CavuşoğluJULY 2011
Mehrnoush EsmaeilpourMeasurement, Prediction And Simulation Methods Of Moisture Content İn BuildingsAssist. Prof. Dr. Polat HançerSEPTEMBER 2011

Shabnam PazookiThe Application Of Formal Aesthetics By Architects And Interior Architects According To Their Own Ranking PerformanceProf. Dr. Kutsal ÖzturkSEPTEMBER 2011
Damla MisirlisoyAnalysis Of The Structure And Design Relationship Between Contemporary Extensions And Remodelled Masonry BuildingsAssist. Prof. Dr. Kağan Günce/

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yonca Hürol
JUNE 2011
Payam EskandariAnalysis Of Traditional Iranian Houses Of Kashan, Iran İn Terms Of Space Organization And Access DesignAsist.Prof.Dr Guita FarıvarsadrıSEPTEMBER 2011
Didem OnurluA Study On The Landscape Of A Common Open Spaces At Resort Hotels İn North CyprusProf. Dr. Naciye Doratli,

Assoc.Prof.Dr Mukaddes Fasli
Shirin IzadpanahInvestigation Of Identity The In The Interior Space Of KindergardenAssist Prof. Dr Kagan GunceSEPTEMBER 2011

Ghazal TaghiloohaUse Of Color In Minimalist Interior Spaces: With Different Function In Different RegionsAssist Prof. Dr Nil Paşaoğlulari Şahin10-11 SPR
Marjaneh Khorsand MashhadıComparıson Of Iranıan And Turkısh Tradıtıonal Archıtectures In Hot Dry ClimateProf.Dr.Mesut Ozdeniz11-12 FALL
VahIbe KazekEvaluation of Integrated Photovoltaic Systems on Facades.Assist.Prof.Dr. Halil Zafer Alibaba2012 January
Sayena DavarpanahA Query On The Impact Of Place On The Formation Of Iconıc Buıldıng In ArchıtectureAssoc.Prof.Dr .Hifsiye Pulhan11-12 FALL
Stephanie Emefa

Adzoa Akortor
The Quest For Community Participation In Decision Making Process In BuyukkonukProf. Dr. Derya Oktay11-12 FALL
Maryam MansouriThe Role Of Technology In Providing The Efficiency Of The Small Kitchen DesignAssoc.Prof.Dr  Ozlem.Olgac Turker11-12 SPRING
Golshid GilaniEvaluation Of Flexibility Notions In Mass Housing Of North Cyprus Through Learning Rural Vernacular ArchitectureAssoc.Prof.Dr  Ozlem.Olgac Turker11-12 SPRING
Mehrnoosh MosadeghiA Research On Sustainability Through Reuse Of Traditional Buildings. The Case Study Of Famagusta, Northern CyprusAssoc.Prof.Dr. Hifsiye Pulhan11-12 SUMMER
Aminreza IranmaneshTerritorial Aspects Of Place Definition: Exploring The Gap Within And In-Between TerritoriesAssoc.Prof.Dr. Resmiye A. Atun11-12 SUMMER
Cemaliye EkenIntegrating Sustainability Of Cultural Continuity Of Rural Traditional Aghirda HousesAssoc.Prof.Dr.Ozgur Dincyurek11-12 SUMMER
Gultekin CizgenRethinking The Role Of Context And Contextualism In Architecture And DesignAssoc.Prof.Dr. Turkan Ulusu Uraz11-12 SUMMER
Abbas HedayatAn Inquiry On Interrelationships Between Architecture And Fashion DesignAssoc.Prof.Dr. Hifsiye Pulhan11-12 SUMMER


Shahrazad TorabiMobility And Dynamism In NeighbourhoodAssoc.Prof.Dr. Resmiye A. Atun11-12 SUMMER
Fatameh Ghafari TavasoliAn Investigation In The Theory Of Flod As A Concept Structure In The Architecture Of Postmodern TimeAssoc.Prof.Dr. Hifsiye Pulhan11-12 SUMMER
Elham ArabAn Evaluation Of Interior Space Quality Of Historic Warehouses For Adaptive Re-Use Options,Liman Road,FamagustaAssoc.Prof.Dr.Ugur U. Dagli11-12 SUMMER
Canan Pembe SariAn Insight To People's Aesthetic Responses To Their Returned EnvironmentAssist.Prof.Dr.Ceren Bogac11-12 SUMMER
Kamand RazmkhahSustaining Socio-Cultural Quality In Existing Housing Environment : The Case Of Kumsal District, Nicosia, North CyprusAssoc.Prof.Dr. Resmiye A. Atun11-12 SUMMER
Ghazaleh Toutounchi GhadimSpace And Structure Relationship İn Blob, Liquid Architecture And FormlessnessAssoc.Prof.Dr. Yonca Hurol11-12 SUMMER
Samira ForouzmandA Survey On Changing Soci-Spatial Pattern In ContemporaryAssoc.Prof.Dr. Hifsiye Pulhan12-13 FALL
Armita MalekshahiInvestigation On Restaurant Layout DesignAssist.Prof.Dr.

Nazife Ozay
12-13 FALL
Negar HoushangiMonumental Architecture And National Identity; A Conceptual Understanding Of Iranian Monumental ArchitectureAssist.Prof.Dr. Rafooneh M.Sani12-13 FALL
Gokhan VarolIdentification Of Bungalow House In N.CyprusAssoc.Prof.Dr.

Ozgur Dincyurek

12-13 FALL
Saloumeh Khayyat KahoueiProximity Of Green Spaces In Housing EnvironmentsAssist.Prof.Dr. Beril Ozmen Mayer12-13 FALL
Mohammed AliyuThe Impact Of Postmodern Architecture In Contemporary Residential Buildings Of Northern NigeriaAssist.Prof.Dr.

Nazife Ozay
12-13 FALL
Kasra TalebianDay For Night, The Role Artificial Lighting In Returning People To Urban Public SpacesAssist.Prof.Dr. Isaac Lerner12-13 FALL
Mohammad Ali Haghshenas KashaniSustainability Indicators Of Iranian Vernacular Architecture Case Of Yazd.Assoc.Prof.Dr Ozgur Dincyurek12-13 FALL
Abdolvahid KahoorzadehImprovement Of Thermal Comfort In Residential Buildings By Passive Solar Strategies Using Direct Gain TechnologiesAssist.Prof.Dr Harun Sevinc12-13 SPRING
Pedram Razavi EbrahimiNotes on Perceptual Qualities of Space : Dwelling Spatial Organization in ParticularAssoc. Prof. Dr. Türkan

Ulusu Uraz

APRIL 2013
Sara DavarpanahAnalysing The Characteristics Of The British Period Residential Buildings' Facades In The Walled City Of NicosiaAssist.Prof.Dr.

Nazife Ozay
MAY 2013
Fetameh Amiri NajafabadiEffect of Atrium on Thermal Comfort.Assist.Prof.Dr.Halil Zafer Alibaba2013 July
Rasiha KayalarComparison of Photovoltaic (PV) Panel Usage in Different ClimatesAssist.Prof. Dr. Halil Zafer Alibaba

Bertug OzarisoyReviewing Green Roof Design Approaches: Case Study Of Residential BuildingsAssoc.Prof.Dr. Mukaddes FasliJANUARY 2014
Roksaneh RahbarianyazdRole Of Adoptive Reuse Of Buildings In The Revitalization Process Of The Historic Quarters: The Case Of The Walled City Of FamagustaProf.Dr. Naciye DoratliJANUARY 2014
Mojtaba S. DastjerdiSymbolic Use Of Traditional Architectural Features On Contemporary Mass Housing Façade In North CyprusAssist.Prof.Dr. Rafooneh M.SaniJANUARY, 2014
Salih Omar BinnailComparison Of Different Facades For High-Rise Buildings In Hot And Cold Climates Interms Of Materials Usage.Assist.Prof.Dr Halil.Z.AlibabaJANUARY, 2014
Maryam HafeziAnalysing The Effects Of Abandoned Houses On Neighbourhood Satisfaction In Walled City Of FamagustaAssoc.Prof.Dr. Beser Oktay VehbiFEBRUARY, 2014
Naciye ErolComparison Of Radiator And Under Ground Floor Heating Systems In North CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Polat HançerFEBRUARY, 2014
Aref ArfaeiCritical Approach To The Process Of Energy Efficient Building ConstructionAsst. Prof. Dr. Polat HançerFEBRUARY, 2014
Golrokh KhazarEvaluation of Façade Performance in Term of Thermal Comfort For Health Center BuildingAssist.Prof.Dr Halil.Z.AlibabaFEBRUARY, 2014
Ata ChokhachianStudies on Architecture Design Procedure, A Framework for Parametric Design ThinkingAssoc.Prof.Dr. Resmiye A. AtunFEBRUARY, 2014
Diler Haji MoradLearning From Comparative Examples of Passive Houses in Different European CountriesAssist.Prof.Dr.

Harun Sevinc
Bahareh Mohammedzadeh MoghadA Guide For Virtual Reconstruction of Historical Facades; 3D Projection Mapping ApproachAssoc.Prof.Dr.

S.Mujdem Vural
APRIL, 2014
Shahabeddin YarmohammadiEvaluation of the Appropriateness of Photovoltaic (PV) Panels for Sustainable Building in North CyprusAssist.Prof.Dr

Ercan Hoskara
APRIL, 2014
Pooya LotfabadiThe Evaluation of High-Rise Building in Terms of Solar Energy UseAssist.Prof.Dr.

Harun Sevinc
APRIL, 2014
Ehsan ValipourEnvironmental And Social Sustainability of Roofed Alley in Yazd City of IranAssoc.Prof.Dr Rafooneh M. SaniAPRIL, 2014
Behnaz Amirzadeh ShamsMaterial Aware Building Design in Responding to Future NeedsAssist.Prof.Dr. Polat

MAY, 2014
Tina DavoodiDeveloping an Indicator Base Study for Social Sustainability: The Case of Walled City of FamagustaAssoc.Prof.Dr Rafooneh M. SaniJULY, 2014
Mitra MesbahComparison of the Traditional and Contemporary Construction Techniques in terms of Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency in North Cyprus CaseAsst. Prof. Dr. Polat HançerAUGUST, 2014
Soolmaz  Abdali HajiAbadiAn Evaluation of Residence Satisfaction On Window Design of Mass Housing In Hot – Humid Climates: The Case of Famagusta North CyprusAssist.Prof.Dr. Pinar UlucaySEPTEMBER, 2014
Milad NajafyThe Evaluation of Construction Waste Management in Northern CyprusAssist.Prof.Dr

Ercan Hoskara
Gozde PirlamtaHellenistic Byzantine and Gothic influences in Orthodox Churches Located in North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Netice YildizSEPTEMBER, 2014
Fatemeh Dolatyari AzarUse of CAAD Tools on Conceptual Stages of DesignAssoc.Prof.Dr. Resmiye A. Atun

Sahel ShahwarziThe Evaluation of Office Buildings in Term of Shading DevicesAssist.Prof.Dr.

Harun Sevinc
Ali  TahouriEvaluation of Windows and Energy Performance Case-Study: Colored Building, Faculty of Architecture (EMU)Assist.Prof.Dr Sadiye Müjdem VuralFEBRUARY 2015
Amirhossein Karımızadeh

Comparison of Steel and Reinforced Concrete as a Sustainable Building Material in Northern Cyprus)Assist.Prof.Dr. Ercan HoşkaraSEPTEMBER 2015
Arezoo KhaniAppreciation of Nature in Architecture: Interaction between Topography & Design in the Case of Karmi (Karaman) Village, North CyprusProf.Dr.Hıfsiye Pulhan


Banafshed Abd Alsamadi EsfahaniComparative Study between Traditional and Contemporary Islamic Mosques ArchitectureAssist.Prof.Dr Kağan GünceSEPTEMBER 2015
Farshid RoudiUnderstanding Net Zero Energy Building Concept Through Precedents from Different Climate ZonesAssist.Prof.Dr. Harun SevinçMAY 2015
Fatemeh Sadat Hashemi NasabUsers' Evaluation of Rental Apartment Units: the Case of Laguna Residential Blocks in MağusaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Türkan

Ulusu Uraz
Homa JavadiQuestioning Tourist Satisfaction about Quality of Famagusta Historical Walled CityAssoc.Prof.Dr. Mukaddes FasliJUNE 2015
Mahdi BavafaEvaluation of Developing Net Zero Energy Buildings in Northern CyprusAssist.Prof.Dr. Ercan HoşkaraJANUARY 2014
Mahsa MehrolhassaniArchaeological Museum Design in Re-Used Historical BuildingsAssist.Prof.Dr Özlem Olgaç TürkerSEPTEMBER

Mahsa SalimikhatibiNatural Ventilation Strategies for Apartments in FamagustaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Halil Zafer AlibabaSEPTEMBER 2015
Maryamalsadat Hosseini MojaradUsers' Perception about Environmental Privacy Regulators: A Review through Working EnvironmentsAssist.Prof.Dr. Guita FarivarsadriFEBRUARY 2015
Seyed Alireza Chavoshian TabriziIntroducing A Design Creativity Card Tool For Students Of ArchitectureAssist.Prof.Dr. Badiossadat HassanpourFEBRUARY 2015
Shadi Pakpour AghghalehRoof Defects in North CyprusAssist.Prof. Dr. Halil Zafer AlibabaFEBRUARY 2015
Zahra GhorbaniA Comparative Study on User Satisfaction in Terms of Spatial Flexibility and Adaptability of HousingAssist.Prof.Dr

Nazife Özay

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