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Master of Science in Architecture

List of completed thesis in Master of Science in Architecture

Serial NumberNameThesis TitleSupervisorDate
FA (M.S Thesis) 01Esra CanA Limited Study on the use of Axis in the Traditional Turkish ArchitectureProf. Dr. Ibrahim Numan2001
FA (M.S Thesis) 02Yara SaifiA Study of Power and Modern Architecture Aesthetics: the case of the French Hill District; East JerusalemAssist. Prof. Dr.Yonca Hurol2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 03AytuğYazganAn Analytical Approach for Evaluating the Ways of Beginning a Design Project in ArchitectureProf. Dr. Zafer Ertürk2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 05EmreAkbilPosition of Home Within the Context of Information Mediated Social EnvironmentsAssist. Prof. Dr.HüseyinAteşin2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 06HıfsıyePulhan Influence of the Cultural Factors On Spatial Organization Of  The Traditional Turkish Houses of LefkosaProf. Dr. Ibrahim Numan1997
FA (M.S Thesis) 07Mustaje CihangirEcotourism in Dipkarpaz Village (An Architectural Approach)Assist. Prof. Dr.Beril Ozmen Mayer2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 08Muzevver OzguThe Significance of communication in architectural education toward a critical pedagogy in archietectural  deucationProf. Dr. Nurten Aksugur1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 10BaharAkpınarAn analysis on Architectural Images considering visual perceptionProf. Dr. Erdal Aksugür2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 11Ala IsmailArchitectural Design and Creativity : Toward A Creativity Design StudioAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ayla Çevik2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 12GencoÖterAlternative settlements in architectural Utopias and their effects on the built environment.Assoc. Prof.Dr. Ustün Alsaç1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 13KuzeyKarahanlıA Limited Survey Of Arch Form In N. CyprusProf.Dr. İbrahim Numan2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 14Seher AltineyArchitecture and Building Environment Within the Educational system of turkeyAssist. Prof.Dr .shebnem Hoshkara2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 15Gozde BerkmenAnalysis of design and use of Entrances in the domestic Architecture of cyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. HifsiyePulhan2004
FA (M.S Thesis) 16Afet CelikerInvestigation the Boundaries of Living Spaces in the Dwellings, Case Study: Northern CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Sevinc Erturk2001
FA (M.S Thesis) 18Narin GulerCriteria and Design Guidelines for Elderly Housing: Alternatives for Gazimagusa TRNCAssist. Prof. Dr. Saim Nalkaya2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 19Pinar UlucryA study on Ecological DesignAssist. Prof. Dr. Beril Ö. Mayer2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 22Kamyar ArabArchitectural Evolution under the Scope of Technological AdvancementsProf. Dr. Ibrahim Numan2007
FA (M.S Thesis) 23Erdos KurucThe Effects of CAD on Architectural Developments in Presentation and Space ConceptionAssist. Prof. Dr.Yonca Hurol2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 24Fevzi ÖzersayArchitectural design education with computersAssist. Prof. Dr. HüseyinAteşin1996
FA (M.S Thesis) 25Noor Cholis IdhamJavanese Vernacular Architecture of Indonesia: Study Of Environmental Acclimatization in Warm Humid ClimateProf. Dr. Erdal Aksugür2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 26Ozgur DincyurehThe Adobe Houses of Mesaoria Region in Cyprus Volume 1Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Numan1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 27Malbule OltayLearning from Karpas Vernacular: Conceptualization of the Karpas Vernacular ArchitectureAssist. Prof.Dr .Ozgur Dincyurek2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 28Halima Lami BashirTowards the Continuity of Vernacular Architecture: Re-Examining Social Housing SchemeAssist. Prof. Dr. Beril Ö. Mayer2007
FA (M.S Thesis) 29Ozlem OzdererTransformation and change in social Housing in North CyprusAssist. Prof.Dr .shebnem Hoshkara2001
FA (M.S Thesis) 30Ashraf Abu-HilalAffordable Residential Open Buildings for Low Income Groups in The West Bank - PalestineAssist. Prof. Dr. Nicholas Wilkinson2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 31Elif C. BakkologloA Quest on Flexibility Criteria in The Design of Resdiential Interior SpacesAssist. Prof. Dr. Ozlem O. Turker2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 32Halide OrcunogluAn Investigation on user Initiated changes and as inspiration in housing complex of Girne Region, North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. HifsiyePulhan2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 33BurakTursoyA renew of mass housing in North Cyprus in terms of Environmental SustainabilityAssist. Prof. Dr. Beril Ozmen Mayer2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 34Bahar UlucayTwo Independent Storey Houses within the Modernization Process in Social and Urban Context: The Case of Nicosia (1940-1970)Assoc. Prof.Dr. Turkan Ulusu Uraz2007
FA (M.S Thesis) 35Nazen CanseverAn Investigation of Property management for architectsAssoc. Prof. Dr. FarukYalçınUğurlu1995
FA (M.S Thesis) 36Sevda BayramoğluAn analysis of contractor organizations in the construction sector of TRNCAssist. Prof. Dr. Attila Dikbaş1997
FA (M.S Thesis) 37Halil Zafer AlibabaAn analysis of material supplier organizations in the construction sector of Northern CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Attila Dikbaş1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 38Bars BayindirFactors affecting Labor productivity in construction sector in Turkey.Assoc. Prof.Dr. Nesil F. Baytin1999
FA (M.S Thesis) 39Jamal BakryAn Integrated Approach to Construction Management for Assessing the Overall Performance of Construction Management ProcessesAsst.Prof.Dr. A.N. Mohamed; Prof. Dr. Erdal Aksugür2004
FA (M.S Thesis) 40M. Saltuk AteşinIn search for optimal formsProf. Dr. NecatiŞen1996
FA (M.S Thesis) 41SalihYılgörürEvaluation of tunnel form worksystem in terms of production characteristics and production cost.Assoc. Prof. Dr. FarukYalçınUğurlu1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 42Özlem ErçolakDefects of facades of the buildings case studies in TRNC.Assoc. Prof. Dr. FarukYalçınUğurlu1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 43Kağan GünceA systematic approach to select internal finishes.Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 45Oğuz ŞengezerArchitectural Design and Construction of Precast Concrete in Frame Structures.Prof.Dr. Erdal Aksugür2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 46Gaye SenyosaFuture Problems Possibilities and Limitations of Skyscraper Production in Turkey Through Implemented TechnologiesAssoc. Prof.Dr. Nesil Baytin2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 47Fatma TerlikDue to the Use of Steel and Glass in the Design of Railway Stations.Assist. Prof. Dr.Yonca Hurol2004
FA (M.S Thesis) 48Mustefe DinsevConceptual Site Investigations for the selection of Optimal Structural Systems on Preliminary Design Stage.Assist.Prof.Dr. Munther Mohd2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 50Farah QutobAn Investigation about the three Non-performance Cases of Reinforced-Concrete High-rise Buildings in Famagusta, North Cyprus.Assist. Prof. Dr.Yonca Hurol2005
FA (M.S Thesis) 51Amir Temour HabibbabadiInfluence of the High-Rise building form on Earthquake ResistanceAssist.Prof.Dr. Munther Mohd2007
FA (M.S Thesis) 52Ahmet SaymanlierClimatic Aspects of  Spaces in Cypriot Vernacular ArchitectureProf. Dr. Mesut B. Özdeniz2001
FA (M.S Thesis) 53Ayse GokmenThe Use Of Window in Northern Cyprus ArchitectureProf. Dr. Mesut Özdeniz2001
FA (M.S Thesis) 55MaziarZandiUtilization of Natural Ventilation in Atriums to Minimize EnergyProf. Dr. Erdal Aksugur2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 57Nazife OzayInfluences of stylistic tendencies on the interior design in Cypriot architecture.Assoc. Prof.Dr. Ustün Alsaç1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 58Şaziye HafızoğluStone Use in British Domestic Architecture in North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Ateşin2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 60Selen AbbasoğluHistorical Analysis of the Walled City of FamagustaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Netice Yıldız2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 61GülHande TerzioğluAn Analytic Study on the Church of Our Lady of Tyre in LefkoşaAssoc. Prof. Dr. ÜstünAlsaç2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 62Yargi EdizerAn Assessment of the Architectural Heritage in LaptaAssoc.Prof Dr. Netice Yildiz2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 63Meray TalugArchitectural Decorative Elements of Late Roman and Early Byzantine Monuments at Famagusta DistrictAssoc.Prof Dr. Netice Yildiz2007
FA (M.S Thesis) 89Elif ZubeydeNuriFactor Effecting Building Coast and Their Relations With Architectural Conceptual Design DecisionsAssist. Prof. Dr. Munther Mohd2004
FA (M.S Thesis) 90Bulent PotakForm and Space Relationships of the Houses in the Twentieth-CenturyProf. Dr. Nurten Aksugur2004
FA (M.S Thesis) 92Leyla CinarAn Ergonomic Evaluation for Interior Space of Housing UnitsProf. Dr. SevincErturk2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 93Ala IsmailArchitectural Design and Creativity : Toward A Creativity Design StudioAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ayla Çevik2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 94Mehmet-SaltukAtesinIn Search for Optimal FormsProf. Dr.Necati Șen1996
FA (M.S Thesis) 95Mete KeleșEvaluation of Mass Housing of Northern Cyprus In Respect To Climate DesignProf. Dr. Nurten Aksugür1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 96Ceren BoǧaçAdaptation And Place Attachment in a Physically Foreign Settlement: A Study of a Local Environment in Așaǧi Maraș, GamaǧusaAssist. Prof. Dr. Saim Nalkaya2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 97Erdas KurucThe Effects of CAD on Architectural Developments in Presentation and Space ConceptionAssist. Prof. Dr.Yonca Hurol2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 98Mohammad  Hossein SadehArchitectureProf. Dr. Erdal Aksugür2007
FA (M.S Thesis) 100Ali Mohammed Sami KashkooliRe-Usability of High-Rise BuildingAssist. Prof. Dr. Nicholas Wilkinson2008
FA (M.S Thesis) 101Olusola Abimbola SonailaEvolution, Analysis and Future of the Traditional Yoruba HouseAssoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek2008
FA (M.S Thesis) 106Muge RizaA Review on the Design of New Building in Historical SettingsAssoc. Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratli2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 107Mahsa TafazoliHerandiAn Assessment of User Satisfaction in Public Housing: The Case of GazimaǧusaAssist. Prof. Dr. Resmiye A. Atun2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 110Melina BarbatSense of Place in Belowground LevelsProf. Dr. Ayse Senturer2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 111Sogol MoezziCritical look to double skin Façade systemsAssist. Prof. Dr. Halil Zafer Alibaba2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 112Ayla AledavoodAn Investigation of Psychological Comfort Based on Innovitivity in Open Plan WorkplacesAssist. Prof. Dr. Resmiye A. Atun2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 113Negar AsoobarA comparative assessment of the design approaches for the conversion of historic residential buildingsAssist. Prof. Dr Özlem Olgac Turker2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 114Türkan TorunSpatial Analysis of Traditional Coffeehouses of Cyprus: A Case of Multifunctional SpaceAssist. Prof. Dr. Banu Çavuşoğlu2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 116Nezir AsfuroǧluA Review of Mixed-Use CentersAssist. Prof. Dr. Beril Ö. Mayer2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 117Ceren KürümSurviving Modernism: The Live-in Kitchen Including The Turkish Cypriot CaseAssoc. Prof.Dr. Turkan Ulusu Uraz2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 119Begüm MozaikçiInnovated Building Materials Interaction With Structural Form in Architectural ProjectsAssist. Prof. Dr. Munther Moh'd2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 120Daniel AdeniyiAlaoA review of Mass Housing in Abuja, Nigeria: Problems and Possible Solutions Towards Sustainable HousingAssoc. Prof. Dr. Sebnem O. Hoskara2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 122Taraneh D. JamnaniCritical Look to Developments in Architectural StructuresProf. Dr. Mesut B. Özdeniz2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 125Ghazaleh MokhaberiStructural and Technological Principles within Architecture EducationAssist. Prof. Dr. Munther Moh'd2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 126Parastoo PourvahidiBioclimatic Analysis of Vernacular Iranian ArchitectureProf. Dr. Mesut B.Özdeniz2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 127LadifaBarau MuhammadSystematic Evaluation of Certain Wall TypesAssist. Prof. Dr. Halil Zafer Alibaba2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 128Saereh ZahibiEvaluating the Effects of Modern Movement on Contemporary Residential Buildings in lran's Capital City-Tehran.Assist. Prof. Dr. Nazife Özay2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 129Roshanak DivsalarBuilding Problems in Hot ClimatesAssist. Prof. Dr. Polat Hançer2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 130Amir PeyraviAn Evaluation of Re-Functioning Opportunities of Historical Churches in Walled  City FamagustaAssist. Prof. Özlem Olgac Türker2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 131Jallaludeen MuazuAffordable Housing within the Context of Sustainability: Challenges and Prospect in Yola, NigeriaProf. Dr. Derya Oktay2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 132Maral  SaffarianNourAdaptable Housing for Low Income Groups in North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Nicholas Wilkinson2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 135Damla MisirlisoyAnalysis of the Structure and Design Relationship between Contemporary Extensions and Remodelled Masonry BuildingsAssist. Prof. Dr. Kağan Günçe2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 137Sinem KaraEvolution of Residential Building from the Beginning of 20th Century to Our DaysAssist. Prof. Dr. Nazife Özay2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 138Ghazal GolmakaniRe-Functioning Potentials of Industrial Heritage in North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 139Timothy Onosahwo IyendoAcoustic Control in a Multipurpose Hall: The Case Study of LaLa Mustafa Pasha Auditorium, EMU, Gazimagusa, North CyprusProf. Dr. Mesut B. Özdeniz2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 140Mehrnoush EsmaeilpourMeasurement, Prediction and Simulation Methods of MoistureAssist. Prof. Dr. Polat Hançer2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 142Ehsan RezaIdentification of Staircase House Type in Rural Architecture of Iran: Masouleh and Abyaneh SettlementsAssoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 143Yasaman AdeliIdentification of the Vernacular Kandovan Cave Dwelling in IranAssoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 145Azin DilmaghaniA New Interpretation of Spatiality Terms of Archetypes as Transitional Elements in ArchitectureAssoc. Prof. Dr. HıfsiyePulhan2008
FA (M.S Thesis) 146Arash VahediNature as a Source of Inspiration of Architectural Conceptual DesignAssist. Prof. Dr. Munther Moh'd2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 149Payam EskandariAnalysis of Traditional Iranian Houses of Kashan, Iran in Terms of Space Organization and Access DesignAssist. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 152Vahibe KazekEvaluation of Integrated Photovoltaic Systems on FacadesAssist. Prof. Dr. Halil Zafer Alibaba2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 153Sayena DavarpanahA Query on the Impact of place on the Formation of Iconic Buildings in ArchitecturesAssoc. Prof. Dr. Hifsiye Pulhan2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 154Marjaneh Khorsand MashhadiComparison of Iranian and Turkish Traditional Architectures in Hot-Dry ClimatesProf. Dr. Mesut B. Özdeniz2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 157Golshid GilaniEvaluating flexibility notions in mass housing of North Cyprus through learning from her rural vernacular architectureAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ozlem Olgac Turker2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 159Firat SozmenerAn Interpretation of Simplicity in the Frame of Minimalist Approach on Traditional Modern and Contemporary HousingAssist. Prof. Dr. Kagan Gunce2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 160Kamand RazmkhahInquiry for sustaining socio-cultural quality in existing housing environment: The case of Kumsl district, Nicosia, North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Resmiye Alpar Atun2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 161Gultekin CizgenRethinking the role of context and contextualise in architecture and designAssoc. Prof.Dr. Turkan Ulusu Uraz2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 163Canan Pembe SariAn insight to people's aesthetic responses to their returned environmentAsst. Prof. Dr. Ceren Bogac2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 165Abbas HedayatInquiry on interrelationships between architecture and fashion designAssist. Prof. Dr. Hifsiye Pulhan2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 167Maryam Mansouri TehraniThe role of technology in providing the efficiency of kitchen designAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ozlem Olgac Turker2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 171Aminreza IranmaneshTerritorial aspects of place definition: Exploring the gap within and in-between territoriesAssoc. Prof. Dr. Resmiye Alpar Atun2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 172Camaliye EkenIntegration of cultural sustainability in rural traditional Aghirda housesAssoc.Prof. Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 173Samira ForouzmandA Survey On Changing Socio- Spatial Patterns In Contemporary Housing of IranAssoc. Prof. Dr. Hifsiye Pulhan2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 174Saloumeh Khayyat KahouieAn Analysis On the Proximity of Green Spaces in Housing EnvironmentAsst. Prof. Dr. Beril Ozmen Mayer2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 175Cokhan VarolIdentification of Bungalow Houses in North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 176Mohmmed AliyuThe Impacts of Postmodern Architecture in Contemporary Residential Buildings of Northern NigeriaAsst. Prof. Dr. Nazife Ozay2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 177Negar HoushangiMonumental Architecture; National Identity: Conceptual Understanding Iranian Moumental ArchitectureAsst. Prof. Dr. Rafooneh Mokhtarshahi Sani2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 182Sara DavarpanahAnalyzing the Characteristics of the British Period Residential Buildings Facades in the Walled City of NicosiaAsst. Prof. Dr. Nazife Ozay2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 183Gelareh SadeghiSymbolic Value Of Transparency in Contemporary Architecture; an Evaluation of Recent Puplic Buildings in FamagustaAsst. Prof. Dr. Rafooneh Mokhtarshahi Sani2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 184Mohammad Ali Haghshenas KashaniSustainability Indicators of Iranian Vernacular Architecture: The case of YazdAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 185Fatemeh Ghafari TavasoliThe fold as a Concept Structure in Architecture of  Pst- Modern TimeAssoc. Prof. Dr. Hifsiye Pulhan2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 186Pedram Razavi EbrahimiNote on Perceptual Qualities of Space Dwelling Spatial OrganizationAssoc. Prof.Dr. Turkan Ulusu Uraz2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 187Shahab Eddin YarmohammadiEvaluation of the Appropriateness of Photovoltaic (PV) Panels for Sustainable Building in North Cyrus Approach)Asst. Prof. Dr. Ercan Hoskara2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 188Mustafa CihangirEcotourism in Dipkarpaz Village (An Architectural App)Assist .Prof. Ozmen Mayer2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 189Sara DavarpanahAnalysing the Characteristics of British Period residential Building Façade in the Walled City of NicosiaAsst. Prof. Dr. Nazife Ozay2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 190Alireza JahanaraStrategy Towards Solar Architecture by Photovoltaic for Building IntergrationAsst. Prof. Harun Sevinc2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 191Fatemeh Amiri NajafabadiEffect of Atrium on Thermal ComfortAssoc.Prof  Halil Z. Alibaba2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 192Shirin ShahidehAnalysing the Quality of Pedestrian Street in the case of Street in Walled City of Famagusta Assoc.Prof  Beser Oktay Vehbi2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 193Farzaneh NajjaranThe Use of Renewable Energy  in Residential by Means of PV Systems for Approaching SustainabilityAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun sevinç2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 194Leila soosaniQuestioning the compatibility of the Infill Architecture in Historic Environment, case Study : Walled City of NicosiaAssoc.Prof  Beser Oktay Vehbi2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 195Farhad TayyebiA Quest  on the Relationship between Music and ArchitectureAssoc. Prof. Hifsiye Pulhan2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 196Oldouz Assadzadeh AnarjaniPersonalization at  Social Housing District in Sakarya< FamagustaAssist. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Fasli2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 197Negar MahoutiThe Street  Advertisement influence on ismet Inonu Boulevard FamagustaAssist. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Fasli2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 198Nina ShirkhanlooAnalyzing the effect of Urban Sprawal on the Physical Enviroment in the case of KyreniaAssoc.Prof  Beser Oktay Vehbi2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 199Rasiha KayalarComparison of Photovoltaic (PV) Panel Usage In Different ClimateAssoc.Prof  Halil Z. Alibaba2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 200Mojdeh NikoofamQuestioning Accessibility of Disable People at Sea Front, Case study : Kyrenia & Laguna Sea Fronts in North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Fasli2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 201Abdolvahid KahoorzadehImprovement of Thermal Comfort in Residential Building by Passive Solar Strategies Using Direct Gain TechniquesAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun sevinç2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 202Nastaran CheginiAn Overview Participatory Design and its Effects on User SatisfactionAssist. Prof. Dr. Beril Özmen Mayer2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 224Naciye ErolComparison of Radiator and under floor heating system in North CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Polat Hançer2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 225Bertug OzarisoyReviewing Green roof Design Approaches case study residential buildingAssoc. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Faslı2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 226Mojtaba Sokhanvar DastjerdiSymbolic Use of Traditional Architecture feature on contemporary mass housing façade in North CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Rafooneh M.Sani2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 227Maryam HafeziAnalysing the Effects Abandoned Houses on Neighbourhood satisfaction in Walled city FamagustaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Beser Oktay2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 228Diler Haji MoradLearning from Comparative Examples  of passive houses in different European countriesAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun sevinç2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 229Rokhsaneh Rahbarian yazdRole of adaptive re-use of building in the revitalization process of the historic quarters: the case the Walled city of FamagustaProf. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 230Aref ArfaeiCritical Approch to the process of Energy Efficient building constructionAsst. Prof. Dr. Polat Hançer2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 231Salih Ben – najil  abu siefComparisn of different façade for High-rise building in hot and cold climates in terms of material usageAsst. Prof. Dr. Halil Alibaba2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 234Golrokh khakzareEvaluation of façade performance in terms of thermal comfort for health canter building, EMUAsst. Prof. Dr. Halil Alibaba2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 235Ata ChokhachianStudies on Architecture design procedure a framework for parametric design thinkingAssoc. Prof. Dr. Resmiye A. Atun2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 236Ghazale Toutonchi GhadimGeometry, Form structure relationship in blob, liquid and formless architectureAssoc. Prof. Dr. Yonca Hürol2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 237Ehsan ValipourEnvironmental and social sustainability of roofed alley in Yazd city of IranAssoc. Prof. Dr. Rafooneh Mokhtar Shahi Sani2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 238Pooya LotfabadiThe evaluation of High rise building in terms of solar energy useAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun sevinç2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 239Bahareh MoghaddamA guideline for virtual reconstruction of historical facades, 3d projection mapping approachAssoc.Prof.Dr. MüjdemVural2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 240Behnaz Amirzade ShamsMaterial-aware building design in responding to future needsAsst. Prof. Dr. Polat Hançer2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 245Tina DavoodiDeveloping an indicator base study for social sustainability: the case of Walled city of FamagustaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Rafooneh Mokhtar Shahi Sani2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 250Mitra MesbahComparison of the Traditional and contemporary construction techniques in terms of Thermal comfort and energy efficiency- in North Cyprus caseAsst. Prof. Dr. Polat Hançer2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 251Fatemeh Dolatyary AzarUse of CAAD tools on conceptual stage of designAssist. Prof. Dr. Resmiye A. Atun2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 252Gözde PılantaHellenistic, Byzantine and Gothic influences in Orthodox churches located in North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Netice Yıldız2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 253Soolmaz Abdali HajiabadiAn Evaluation of residence satisfaction on window design of mass housing in hot-humid climates: the case of Famagusta North cuprousAsst. Prof. Dr. Pinar Ulucay2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 255Sahel ShahwarziThe evaluation of Office buildings in terms of shading deviceAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun sevinç2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 265Milad NajafyThe Evaluation of Construction Waste Management in Northern CyprusAsst. prof. Dr. Ercan Hoskara2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 268Mahdi BavafaEvaluation of Developing Net Zero Energy Buildings in Northern CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Ercan Hoşkara2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 270Ali TahouriEvaluation of Windows and Energy Performance Case Study: Colored Building, Faculty of Architecture (EMU)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sadiye Müjdem Vural2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 271Seyed Alireza Chavoshian TabriziIntroducing a Design Creativity Card Tool for Students of ArchitectureAsst. Prof. Dr. Badiossadat. Hassanpour2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 272Shadi Pakpour AghghalehRoof Defects in North CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Halil Alibaba2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 273Fatemeh Sadat Hashemi NasabUsers' Evaluation of Rental Apatment Units: the Case of Laguna Residential Blocks in MagusaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Türkan Ulusu Uraz2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 274Seyed Mehran ShahidpourEvaluation of Civic Vitality in Urban Square: Case of Selimiye and Namik Kemal SquareAssoc. Prof. Dr. Beser Oktay Vehbi2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 275Maryamalsadat Hosseini MojaradUsers' perception about Environment Privacy Regulators: A Review through Working EnvironmentAssist. Prof. Dr. Guita Farvarsadri2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 276Farshid RoudiUnderstanding Net Zero Energy Building Concept Through Precedents from Different Climate ZonesAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun sevinç2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 277Homa JavadyQuesting tourist Satisfaction about quality of Famagusta Historical Walled cityAssoc. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Fasli2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 278Banafsheh Abd Alsamadi EsfahaniComparative Study between Traditional and Contemporary Islamic Mosques ArchitectureAssoc. Prof. Dr. Kağan Günce2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 279Zahra GhorbaniA Comparative Study on User Satisfaction in Terms of Spatial Flexibility and Adaptability of HousingAssist. Prof. Dr. Nazife Özay2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 280Amirhossein KarimizadehComparison of Steel and Reinforced Concrete as a Sustainable Building Material in North CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Ercan Hoskara2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 281Arezoo KhaniAppreciation of Nature in Architecture: Interaction between Topography & Design in theCase of Karmi (Karaman) Village, North CyprusProf. Hifsiye Pulhan2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 282Mahsa Salimi KhatibiNatural Ventilation Strategies for Apartment in FamagustaAsst. Prof. Dr. Halil Alibaba2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 287Seyedeh Ayeh MirrezaeiAn Ecological Study on Earth Sheltered Housing in Different ClimatesAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun sevinç2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 288Mahsa MehrolhassaniArchaeological Museum Design in Re-used Historical Buildings  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozlem Olgac Turker2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 289Mohsen MohseniEvaluating Non-motorized Transportation through Selected Walkability Factors: The Case of Famagusta, CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Pinar Ulucay2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 290Sahba TavakoliEvaluation the Interpretation of Heritage Buildings by Architectural Conservation (The Case on Reused Houses as Hotels)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kağan Günce2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 291Ejeng UkabiComparative Study on the British Colonial School Buildings in Old Calabar  (Nigeria) and Famagusta (North Cyprus)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Beser Oktay Vehbi2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 292Shima NikanjamExploring Influential Teaching and Learning Factors on Architecture Students' Form Creation Ability: Case of EMU Introductory Design StudioAsst. Prof. Dr. Badiossadat Hasaanpor2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 293Sara GhassemzadehThe Impact of Landmarks on Children's Way-Finding in Between Home and SchoolAsst. Prof. Dr. Nevter Zafer Comert2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 294Doğa ÜzümcüoğluAnalysing the Moat of Walled City of Nicosia as a Public Open SpaceAssoc. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Faslı2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 295Aysel AlihanDesign Considerations for Seating Furniture in Urban DesignAsst. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 297Nesil AfsinQuestioning Urban Design Dimensions of the Cul-De-Sacs in the Walled City of FamagustaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Faslı2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 298Soheil GhaderiIntegration of Sustainability in Architecture Education: EMU as Case StudyAsst. Prof. Dr. Badiossadat. Hassanpour2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 299Fatemeh KarbasiEvaluation of the Building Entrances in Term of AccessibilityAssist. Prof. Dr. Polat Hançer2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 300Seyed Arash NaghibiZero Energy Residential Building as Design in Hot Climate ZoneAssist. Prof. Dr. Polat Hançer2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 301Hasan DoganThe Interaction Between Public and Private Space in Traditional Environment: The Case of Kabalti House in UrfaProf. Hifsiye Pulhan2016
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FA (M.S Thesis) 333Hadis KordbachehDesigning for people with Alzheimer's Disease: The Case of Halk Vakfi Senior Care Centre, Iskele, North CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Pinar Ulucay2017
FA (M.S Thesis) 335Ahmed Mohamed AliA Methodology for Daylighting Optimisation in Academic Libraries: Case Study of EMU Main LibraryAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun Sevic2017
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FA (M.S Thesis) 339Mahmoud OuriaEvaluation of solar energy in stet spaces Quality Exemplified for FamagustaAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun Sevic2017
FA (M.S Thesis) 340Nazgol HafiziGuidelines for High- Rice Building Facades in Terms of energy EfficiencyAssoc. Prof.Dr. Eadiye Mujdem Vural2017
FA (M.S Thesis) 341Kimia SanayeThe Effect of Shading Device and Natural Ventilation on Thermal comfort in office BuildingsAssoc. Prof.Dr. Halil Zafer Alibaba2017
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FA (M.S Thesis) 345Mohammad Y. AbugrainRenovation Strategy for Educational Building Towards Low/Zero Energy in EMUAsst. Prof. Dr. Ercan Hoskara2017
FA (M.S Thesis) 346Hawkar Shakir MenkaEnergy Efficient Glazed Façade Design Strategies for High – Rise Office Buildings in Erbil CityAsst. Prof. Dr. Ercan Hoskara2017

AbuGrain Y., Mohammad
Renovating Strategy for Educational Buildings towards Low/Zero Energy in EMUErcan Hoşkara

Soheil Soleimanipirmorad
Analyzing Sick Building Syndrome in Architecture Studios of EMU
Sadiye Müjdem Vural

Nikan Eslamnoor
Effect of Occupant Behavior on Thermal Comfort in EMU Student Accommodation Units: Kamacioglu and Prime Living Dormitories
Sadiye Müjdem Vural

Milad Ghelichkhani
Explication of Window as Heideggerian ‘Built-thing’
Rafooneh Mokhtarshahi Sani

Sertaç Tunçkan
Analysis of Graphic Standard Regulations: the Case of Cyprus
Resmiye Alpar Atun

Mohammed Gismallah Elkhider Babiker,
Decoding the Post-Analysis Stage in Design Process: Proposing a Framework of Form Synthesis Strategies
Badiossadat Hassanpour

Masoud  Aminian
The Psychological Impact of Color on Users in Academic Library
Sadiye Müjdem Vural

Mahdieh Miryounessi
The Impact of Local Values on Façade Design A Comparative Study on North Cyprus and Iran Contemporary Residential Buildings
Asst.Prof.Dr. Nazife Ozay

Bailasan W. M. Abualsoud
Visual Privacy in Residential Architecture of Nablus, Palestine
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Rafooneh Mokhtarshani Sani

Nergiz Ozgur
A Historical Overview of Multi-storey Dwelling and Evaluation of Early Apartment Blocks in Magusa, North Cyprus
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Turkan Ulusu Uraz

Shahd Adnan M. Qzeih
Exploring Built Environment of Palestinian Refugee Camps by Utilizing Sensory Perception: Balata Refugee Camp as Case Study
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Rafooneh Mokhtarshani Sani

Yousef J. M. Abu-kashif
Urban Development in Conflict Zones: The Case of Gaza City - Palestine
Asst.Prof.Dr. Muge Riza

Hoda Ramezani
The Role of Memory in Maintaining the Sense of Place in Traditional Houses; Case of Famagusta Walled City
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Rafooneh Mokhtarshani Sani

Mahshid Modabber Dabagh
Curriculum Analysis of Architecture Programs: Standard Curriculum of Iran and Architecture Program at EMU as Case Studies
Asst.Prof.Dr. Badiosaadat Hassanpour

Ömer Anıl Sürme
Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Facade Design and Performance in Terms of User Satisfaction for Architecture Office Building, EMU
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Sadiye Mujdem Vural

Ömer Artun Balcı
Analyzing the Role of Place Attachment in Traditional Housing Transformations: A Case of Trans-National Emigrants of Cyprus Rural Settlements from the Rural Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey
Prof.Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek

Kaveh Abdaei
Achieving the Positive Impacts of Light by Means of the Smart Lighting
Prof.Dr. Mujdem Vural

M. Humam Kayali
Identity of the Design Process: Digital VS Visual
Prof.Dr. Kokan Grchev

Niloofar Dehghanhosseinabadi
Safavid Period Urban Spaces that is Shaped by Water
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Netice Yildiz

Elyar Rostami Sobhani
Role of Façade Elements in Daylight Control for Improving the Quality of Indoor Environment
Prof.Dr. Mujdem Vural

Behnaz M. Kheirabadi
Adaptive Reuse Planning of Industrial Heritage Complexes in Iran: Risbaf Industrial Complex Case Study
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ege Uluca Tumer

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Asst.Prof.Dr. Harun Sevinc2020

Avy N. M. Darband Faqra
A Study on Residential Architecture and Life Quality of the Elderly in Northern Iraq
Asst.Prof.Dr. Nazife Ozay

Refaa Y. M. Sokkar
Thermal Comfort Improvement for Atrium Building with Double Skin Skylight in the Mediterranean Climate
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Halil Zafer Alibaba

Rania Kamal M. Al-Ali
The Impact of the Natural Environment on Building Design Features Toward Environmental Sustainability: Analysis of New Residential Buildings in Famagusta – North Cyprus
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Harun Sevinc

Salaheddin M. S. Kayyal
The Tectonic Use and Effects of 3D Printing in Construction Scale
Asst.Prof.Dr. Oznem Sahali

Alaa Albarazy 
The Effects of Intelligent Interactive Installation in Public Spaces
Prof.Dr. Resmiye Alpar Atun

Gökberk Meşeli
Art, Culture and Event Centers that Raise City Awareness and Outcome on City Brand: The Case of Lüleburgaz
Prof.Dr. Resmiye Alpar Atun

Ceren Özsu
Identity & Memory of Heritage: The Case of Historical Buildings in Ulus, Ankara
Prof.Dr. Kokan Grchev

Demah T. Abdulateef Al-Safy
The Sheikhs of Oman: A Study on the Correlation between Tribal Hierarchy and Residences
Prof.Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek

Faranak Moghadam Far
Application of Interactive Surfaces as an Architectural Concept for Façade Design
Prof.Dr. Sadiye Mujdem Vural

Oğuzhan Çetinkaya
Investigation of the Interaction of Architectural and Digital Art Through the Projection Mapping Installation in Public Spaces
Asst.Prof.Dr. Muge Riza

Shila Ghasemi Firouzabadi
Increasing Social Values of Historical Buildings in the Old City of Famagusta – Temporary Use of St. George of the Greeks Church as an Exhibition Gallery
Prof.Dr. Kokan Grchev

Armaghan Akbari
An Inquiry in Iranian Modern Architecture: Façade Design in Public and Publically Used Building Since 1920s.
Prof.Dr. Ozgur Dincyurek
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