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Practical Lighting Workshop “Immersive Art”: Art as an immersive experience - Lighting design workshop and seminar in the Art History Museum in Vienna, 20. – 22. June, 2017.

Published Date: Friday, 31 March 2017

Together with the Art History Museum Vienna/A, VIA Events will be offering a practical lighting design workshop and seminar from 20. – 22. June, 2017. The event will cover the topic of lighting culturally significant art pieces in theory and practice.

During the theoretical part of the two-day workshop, the workshop heads Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini will present their research findings and explain how these have influenced their lighting work in museums and on cultural heritage sites.

The practical session will then allow attendees to apply the design techniques and experience first-hand what a difference professional lighting techniques can make.

Following the two-day workshop, a seminar will take place on the third day for the workshop participants as well as additional experts from the lighting design world and professionals from museum authorities, museum directors, curators, restorers, museum technical services teams, researchers, exhibition designers and further professionals. Attendees of the seminar will have the opportunity to gain knowledge on how evidence-based quality lighting design can enhance the museum experience for visitors.

Through this workshop and seminar VIA Events is presenting the lighting design community with a further opportunity to demonstrate the expertise and qualities of lighting designers and the benefits of working with a skilled lighting specialist.


The installations realised during the workshop sessions will be maintained in the museum for at least three weeks after the event to allow the public to view the newly lit art pieces.

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