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Antecedent Faculty Members

1Prof. Dr. Feyyaz ErpiArchitectureBetween 1990-1998Full Time (Founding Head of Department of Architecture)
2Prof. Dr. Nurten AksugürInterior ArchitectureBetween 1994-2009Full Time (Founding Head of Department of Interior Architecture)
3Prof. Dr. İbrahim NumanArchitectureBetween 1994-2011
Full Time (Founding Dean of Faculty of Architecture)
4Prof. Dr.Ayla ÖdekanArchitectureBetween 1993-1994Full Time (A.STAFF)
5Prof. Dr. Necati ŞenArchitectureBetween 1994-1996Full Time (A.STAFF)
6Prof. Dr. Erdal AksugürArchitectureBetween 1996-2009Full Time (A.STAFF)
7Prof. Dr. Ayşe ŞentürerArchitectureBetween 1996-1998
Between 2008-2010
Full Time (A.STAFF)
8Prof. Dr. Ayla AtasoyArchitectureBetween 2001-2003Full Time (A.STAFF)
9Prof. Dr. Sevinç ErtürkArchitectureBetween 1999-2005Full Time (A.STAFF)
10Prof. Dr. Zafer ErtürkArchitectureBetween 1999-2005Full Time (A.STAFF)
11Prof. Dr. Erhan BalkanArchitectureBetween 1997-1998Full Time (A.STAFF)
12Prof. Dr. Zerrin YılmazArchitectureBetween 1999-2001Full Time (A.STAFF)
13Prof. Dr. Mesut Özdeniz  ArchitectureBetween 1998-2012Full Time (A.STAFF)
14Prof. Dr. Derya OktayArchitectureBetween 1993-2013Full Time (A.STAFF)
15Prof. Dr. Kutsal ÖztürkInterior ArchitectureBetween 2003-2014Full Time (A.STAFF)
16Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalçın UğurluArchitectureBetween 1993-1998Full Time (A.STAFF)
17Assoc. Prof. Dr. Güzin TürelArchitectureBetween 1997-1998Full Time (A.STAFF)
18Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevgi LökçeArchitectureBetween 1997-1998Full Time (A.STAFF)
19Assoc. Prof. Dr.Nezih AyıranArchitectureBetween 1992-1993Full Time (A.STAFF)
20Assoc. Prof. Dr.Ayla ÇevikArchitectureBetween 2000-2004Full Time (A.STAFF)
21Assoc. Prof. Dr.Güzin TürelArchitectureBetween  1995-1997Full Time (A.STAFF)
22Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fuad MallickArchitectureBetween 1999-2001Full Time (A.STAFF)
23Assoc. Prof. Dr. Üstün AlsaçArchitectureBetween 1996-2007Full Time (A.STAFF)
24Assoc. Prof. Dr.Nesil BaytinArchitectureBetween 1997-2010Full Time (A.STAFF)
25Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alpay ÖzduralArchitectureBetween 1997-2003Full Time (A.STAFF)
26Assoc. Prof. Dr.Karim HadjriArchitectureBetween 1999-2002Full Time (A.STAFF)
27Assoc. Prof. Dr. Can KumbaracıbaşıArchitectureBetween 2000-2006Full Time (A.STAFF)
28Asst. Prof. Dr. Syed Sardar HasanArchitectureBetween 1996-2002Full Time (A.STAFF)
29Asst. Prof. Dr. Danny GoldmanArchitectureBetween 2004-2008Full Time (A.STAFF)
30Asst. Prof. Dr. Esmail TalaeiArchitectureBetween 2006-2008Full Time (A.STAFF)
31Asst. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin AteşinArchitectureBetween 1993-2006Full Time (A.STAFF)
32Asst. Prof. Dr. Şenol YağızArchitectureBetween 1994-1997
Between 1999-2007
Full Time (A.STAFF)
33Asst. Prof. Dr. Atilla DikbaşArchitectureBetween 1995-1998Full Time (A.STAFF)
34Asst. Prof. Dr.James Mc QuillanArchitectureBetween 2001-2003Full Time (A.STAFF)
32Asst. Prof. Dr.İpek AkpınarArchitectureBetween 2007-2010Full Time (A.STAFF)
35Asst. Prof. Dr. Zainab F. AliArchitectureBetween 1999-2001Full Time (A.STAFF)
36Asst. Prof.Nicholas WilkinsonArchitectureBetween 1997-2010Full Time (A.STAFF)
37Asst. Prof. Dr. Neşe YıldıranArchitectureBetween 1994-1998Full Time (A.STAFF)
38Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet AdamArchitectureBetween 1999-2001Full Time (A.STAFF)
39Asst. Prof. Arif FeridunArchitectureBetween 1991-2006Full Time (A.STAFF)
40Asst. Prof. Dr.Levente MalyuszArchitectureBetween 1998-2000Full Time (A.STAFF)
41Asst. Prof. Dr.Martha TobolzyckArchitectureBetween 2006-2009Full Time (A.STAFF)
42Asst. Prof. Dr. Saim NalkayaArchitectureBetween 1999-2008Full Time (A.STAFF)
43Asst. Prof. Dr. Beril ÖzmenArchitectureBetween 1998-2013Full Time (A.STAFF)
44Asst. Prof. Dr. Hülya YuceerArchitectureBetween 2008-2013Full Time (A.STAFF)
45Inst. Özlem ErdoğduArchitectureBetween 1994-1997Full Time (A.STAFF)
46Inst.Mustafa CihangirInterior ArchitectureBetween 2005-2010Full Time (A.STAFF)
47Inst. Senem DemirelArchitectureBetween 1997-2006Full Time (A.STAFF)
48Inst. Dr.Özlem ErkarslanArchitectureBetween 1994-1996Full Time (A.STAFF)
49Inst. Erhan OnuralpArchitectureBetween 1992-1993Full Time (A.STAFF)
50Inst. Solmaz FeridunInterior ArchitectureBetween 2004-2006Full Time (A.STAFF)
51Inst. Savaş AlArchitectureBetween 1993-1994Full Time (A.STAFF)
52Kağan GünerIndustrial DesignBetween 2008-2011Full Time (A.STAFF)
53Inst. Şeyda BayındırInterior ArchitectureBetween 1994-2011Full Time (A.STAFF)
54Inst. Betül BilgeInterior ArchitectureBetween 2008-2013 Full Time (A.STAFF)

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