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Ahmet Vural Behaeddin Calendars

EMU Faculty of Architecture prepares ahmet vural behaeddin calendar for 2021Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Architecture, Ahmet Vural Behaeddin Committee carried out this year's 2021 Calendar as a concept project to keep the name and memory of the Architect alive.

The calendar is about the school buildings of the Modernist Turkish Cypriot architect Ahmet Vural Behaeddin, who produced architectural works between 1951-1993, today's Şehit Tuncer Primary School, and the Köşklüçiftlik Primary School, as it was designed in 1956.

His Memory Will Be Survived and Transferred to Future Generations: Regarding the study, EMU Architecture Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. In the statement made by Uğur Ulaş Dağlı, “In order to examine the pioneering role of Ahmet Vural Behaeddin (1927-1993) in Turkish Cypriot Architecture, his architectural identity and his contributions to the country's architecture and to protect this value, EMU Architecture Faculty and Architect's wife Mr. Within the scope of the protocol signed between Tülin Behaeddin, events have been organized thanks to the cooperation where savings have been brought together since 1999. Again, within the scope of the protocol, a reading room was established at the Faculty of Architecture in the name of Ahmet Vural Behaeddin, and the architect's magazines and books were presented to EMU Architecture Faculty academic staff and students given their uses for research. For this purpose, to protect this value in the faculty, A committee has also been established that deals with keeping it alive with all its values and transferring it to future generations with a sense of social responsibility. Ahmet Vural Behaeddin Committee carries out activities to commemorate Ahmet Vural Behaeddin every year with various activities. Recently, as a result of the activity planning studies of the Ahmet Vural Behaeddin Committee, the commemorative product design and student project competition is held consecutively, once a year.

"His Precious Works Bequeathed"EMU Faculty of Architecture, Ahmet Vural Behaeddin Committee Chair Assoc. Dr. In the statement made by Banu Tevfikler Çavuşoğlu, “Ahmet Vural Behaeddin, who left us a legacy of valuable architectural work that can be accepted as a direct evidence of the level of civilization, is of great importance. He is the pioneer of modern architecture in Cyprus. Cyprus Turkish Union of Chambers of Engineers and Architects is a member of the Chamber of Architects with number 1. He is not only a local but a universal designer. His work is not only architecture, but product and life designer. And it is still our inspiration today. His timeless works are masterpieces, both with the life designed for its users and with the features of transforming their places into open-air museums. This work, Ahmet Vural Behaeddin, an important individual and professional man for the Turkish Cypriot Community, is considered an important document in order to always be remembered. The study was conducted by the Faculty of Architecture Ahmet Vural Behaeddin Committee within the scope of the protocol signed between EMU Faculty of Architecture and his wife Tülin Behaeddin on behalf of Ahmet Vural Behaeddin. It was said.The statement in question continued as follows: “Everyone who contributed to the production of the calendar, especially the wife of Architect Ahmet VuralBehaeddin, Mr. Tulin Behaeddin, consultant Mr. Ekrem Ziver Bodamyalızade, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Prof. Dr. Uğur Ulaş Dağlı, Vice Rector for Social and Cultural Affairs Assoc. Dr. Deniz İşçioğlu and EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Thank you to Aykut Hocanın. "Assoc. Dr. Banu Tevfikler Çavuşoğlu, Assoc. Dr. Zehra Öngül, Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Polay and Prof. Dr. While Ekrem ZiverBodamyalızade was the advisor of the 2021 Calendar designed by the EMU Faculty of Architecture, Ahmet Vural Behaeddin Committee, consisting of Kağan Günçe, the press was published by Research. See. FarnazTabaian prepared it. 

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