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Master of Science in Urban Design

List of completed thesis in Master of Science in Urban Design

Serial NumberNameThesis TitleSupervisorDate
FA (M.S Thesis) 68Mukaddes FaslıThe use of residential exterior spaces in North CyprusAssoc.Prof. Dr. Derya Oktay1997
FA (M.S Thesis) 69RüyaÖzakOrganisation of holiday villages on site and overview in Turkey and Northern CyprusAssist.Prof. Dr. UğurDağlı1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 70Ahmet VolkanÖzkanlıEffects of the street corners on the quality of urban environment; Evaluations in the historical peninsula of Istanbul.Assoc. Prof.Dr. Derya Oktay1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 71Nil PaşaoğullarıAn evaluation of public open space provision and use in rapidly growing towns: as a case study of Gazimagusa.Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Numan1999
FA (M.S Thesis) 72Emre GünceEvolution of Urban Development in Girne (Kyrenia) with particular reference to its Historical Quarters and its implications for tourism.Assoc.Prof.Dr. FouadMallick2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 73Belgin EminerAlternative Tourism Opportunities for the Development of Rural Areas: The Evaluation of Kaleburnu and Sipahi Villages in Karpaz Peninsula.Assoc. Prof.Dr. UğurDağlı2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 74Serda BalUrban Morphology: An Analysis of Antakya Turkey Assoc. Prof. Dr. Derya Oktay2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 75Mustafa AkartunaEvaluation of Public Open Spaces in NicosiaAssoc.Prof.Dr. Derya Oktay2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 76Beser OktayEvaluation of  Impacts of Tourism at the Coastal City of GirneAssoc.Prof.Dr. Ugur Ulas Dagli2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 77Nevter ZaferAn Analytical Study on Shopping Centre DevelopmentAssist. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Önal Hoşkara & Assist. Prof. Dr. Yonca Hürol2001
FA (M.S Thesis) 78Hayal AsyaA Study on Street Spaces in old quarters of Gazimaǧusa and GirneAssist. Prof Dr. Karim Hadjri &Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Hoşkara2001
FA (M.S Thesis) 79Nadiye KurudereliDesigning  Public Spaces for Social Integration Purpose in Gazimaǧusa Assist. Prof. Dr. Nicholas Wilkinson&Assist. Prof. Dr. KarimHadjri2000
FA (M.S Thesis) 80Ilkay AtakEvaluation of Transitional Spaces in University Buildings: An Analysis in the Middle East Technical University CampusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Derya Oktay2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 81Eldem GursanA Study on the Formation of Exterior Spaces in Relation to Topography: Case Studies of Karmi and Korkuteli Villages in North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Önal Hoşkara2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 82Aslı ÖzgürünRecommendations To Enhance Quality of Urban Life In Residential Outdoor Environment of Gazimagusa Assoc. Prof. Dr. Can Kumbaracıbaşı2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 83Ayşe BaysalAnalysis of Kösklüçiftlik Quarter in LefkoşaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 84Ali TanrıkulEconomic & Political Influences in References to the Physical Form & Costal Cities: The Case of Kyrenia (Girne) &Larnaca (Larnaka)Assoc.Prof.Dr. UğurDağlı2004
FA (M.S Thesis) 85Nezire MulladayılarNeighbourhood concept and built environment relations in GazimagusaAssoc.Prof.Dr. Can Kumbaracıbaşı2004
FA (M.S Thesis) 86Remziye KatırcıoğluRole of Playground Design on the Physical, Social and Cognitive Development of ChildrenAssist. Prof. ŞenolYağız2005
FA (M.S Thesis) 87Fodei ContehEvaluation of the research development around Famagusta based on Smart Growth TheoryProf. Dr. Derya Oktay2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 88Emre GuncePublic Participation in the Planning ProcessProf. Dr. RuşenKeleş / Assist. Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2003
FA (M.S Thesis) 102Negar SadatakhaviEvolution of Parks in the City of Gazimaǧusa in Terms of Landscaping Assist. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Fasli2008
FA (M.S Thesis) 103Samaneh GhafourianA Review on Lighting in Public Outdoor Spaces Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayla Çevik2008
FA (M.S Thesis) 108Asli ArnavutAnalysis of Residential Building Facades in Terms of Designing Principles in a Transforming City: Kyrenia-North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Nil Pașaoǧlu Șahin2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 109Asli ArnavutAnalysis of Residential Building Facades in Terms of Designing Principles in a Transforming City: Kyrenia-North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Nil Pașaoǧlu Șahin2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 115Gizem GuvenbasEvaluation of Identity in Public Open Spaces Case Study: Kyrenia Sea Front (Kordonboyu)Assist. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Fasli2008
FA (M.S Thesis) 118Amir Attarzadeh JozdaniThe Principles and Tools in Design of Flexible SpaceAssist. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 124Yasaman CheginiEffects of Media Element (Urban Screen and Media Façade) on Built  EnvironmentsAssoc.Prof.Dr. Ugur Ulas Dagli2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 133SaharBarazeshSuggestions for Designing Sustainable Touristic Resort Complexes Assist. Prof. Dr. Nicholas Wilkinson2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 141Elda IstillozluPublic Transportation for More Livable Cities: A Proposal for Famagusta Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 144Shabnam PazookiThe Application of Formal Aesthetics by Architects and Interior Architects According to Their Own Ranking PerformanceProf. Dr. Kutsal Öztürk2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 147Mohsen Shojaee FarAn Evaluation On Sustainable Brownfield Regeneration Opportunities In Periphery Area Of Nicosia Buffer ZoneAssoc. Prof. Dr. Resmiye Alpar Atun2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 148Didem OnurluA Study on the Landscape of Common Open Spaces at Resort Hotels in North CyprusAssoc.Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 150Sanaz SaeidiIn Pursuit of Diversity in Neighbourhoods: An Evaluation of Four Neighbourhoods in FamagustaProf.Dr. Derya Oktay2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 151Stephanie Emefa Adzoa AkortorThe Quest for Community Participation in Decision Making Process in Buyukkonuk (North Cyprus)Prof.Dr. Derya Oktay2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 166Abdollah MobarakiStrategies for mitigating urban heat island effects in cities: case of Shiraz city canterAssoc.Prof.Dr.Beser. Oktay Vehbi2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 168Siavash JalaladdiniInterrogating vitality in street: An analysis and survey in tow Cypriot townsProf.Dr. Derya Oktay2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 170Shahrzad TorabiMobility and dynamism in neighbourhoodAssoc. Prof. Dr. Resmiye Alpar Atun2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 179Kasra TalebianDay For Night The Role of Artificial Lighting in Returning People to Urban Public Spaces Asst. Prof. Dr. Isaac Lemer2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 180Abolfazl Dehghanmong abadiAchieving Sustainable Transportation at EMU Campus Prof. Dr. Sebnem Hoskara2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 203Amir RahidiUniversity Campus as a Public Space of the City Case study  Eastern Mediterranean University Campus Prof. Dr.Sebnem Onal Hoskara2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 204Nezire MulladayilarNeighbourhood Concert and Build Environment  relation in GazimagusaAssoc.Prof.Dr. Can Kumbaracıbaşı2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 205Burak tursoyA review of mass housing in north Cyprus in terms of  environment Assoc.Prof.Dr. beril ozmen mayer2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 206Malek ErcakicaQuestioning the influence of cultural background on housing exterior space identity in bahcel karaman lapta in north Cyprus  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Faslı2010
FA (M.S Thesis) 207Mohsen shojaee farAn evaluation on sustainable brownfield regeneration opportunities in periphery area of Nicosia buffer zoneAssoc. Prof. Dr. Resmiye A. Atun2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 208Abdollah mobarakiStrategies for mitigating urban heat island effects in cities case of shiraz city centerAssoc. Prof. Dr. Beser Oktay2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 222Sayed Nima MousaviLiveability in Historic urban quarter Case study :walled City of Famagusta Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 223Seyed Mohammad Haghighi FardProject Management in Revitalization of Historic Urban Areas Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 232Samaneh sohrabiEvaluation of the corner Building Identity in the Walled city of Nicosia  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes Faslı2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 233Sayed Sina MousaviTourism Development in historic town: recommendation for the Walled city of Famagusta Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 241Shadab SalmaniAttachment of foreign students to the city of FamagustaAsst. Prof. Dr. Ceren Bogac2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 242Reihaneh RafiemanzelatA study on the development of livable city centres: the case of Famagusta, North CyprusProf.Dr. Derya Oktay2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 243Sara DavariExploring the role of public art on urban public space: An international frameworkProf.Dr. Derya Oktay2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 244Seyedeh Farnaz MoulaeeVariety as a key responsive environments: Students evaluations of public open spaces on Eastern Mediterranean UniversityProf.Dr. Derya Oktay2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 246Shadab FouladkhaniSuccess and sustainability criteria for streets: the case of Ismet Inonu Boulevard (Salamis Road) Famagusta Prof. Dr. Sebnem O. Hoskara2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 247Mohammad Talib AbidAssessment of smart city approach: its tools and componentsAssist. Prof. Dr. Resmiye A. Atun2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 248Mohammad Mehdy Naser MoadeliRobustness as an essential quality of responsive environments: building and public space relationships in Cukuarmbar, AnkaraProf.Dr. Derya Oktay2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 249Ebunoluwa Yetunde AkingbasoLand use- cover Change Assessment Framework: Famagusta, North cyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Resmiye A. Atun2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 266Shirin MoallemInvestigation of the Success Level of Namik Kemal Square as a Public Open Space Prof. Dr. Şebnem Önal Hoşkara2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 267Koorosh GhotbEvaluation of the Lost Spaces in  Karakol and Sakarya Districts of Famagusta, North CyprusProf. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 269Sanaz NezhadmasoumAnalyzing the Aesthetic Quality of Street Through User Preference: A Case Study of Mehmet Akif Street, Nicosia, CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Beser Oktay Vehbi2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 285Sobhan HashemzadehSustainable Residential Neighbourhoods: A Case Study of Pertev Pasa District in Asagi Maras (Kato Varosha), Famagusta, North CyprusProf. Dr. Sebnem O. Hoskara2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 286Kamyar LotfiA Study of Pertec Pasa District in Famagusta, North Cyprus, Considering Urban Design DimensionsProf. Dr. Sebnem O. Hoskara2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 296Maral YazdankhakSustainable Urban Mobility: Exploring the Role of CultureProf. Dr. Naciye Doratlı2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 302Najmaldin Hussein MohammedLiveable Streets as an Essential Quality of Social Life: The Case of 15 Agustos Boulvard (Larnaca Road) of Famagusta, North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Muge Riza2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 303Kamyar FuladluThe Impact of Urban Sprawl on Residents: The Case of Tuzla (Enkomi), FamagustaAssist. Prof. Dr. Muge Riza2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 334Mohammad Said JalalaCulture Oriented Planning Approach for Sustainable Urban Development of Gaza City Asst. Prof. Dr. Pinar Ulucay2017
FA (M.S Thesis) 344Petunia Gomotsang GaoalafeVitality in Urban Waterfront Public Spaces: The Case Of Laguna FamagustaAsst. Prof. Dr. Pinar Ulucay2017


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