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Master of Science in Interior Architecture

List of completed thesis in Master of Science in Interior Architecture

Serial NumberNameThesis TitleSupervisorDate
FA (M.S Thesis) 64Zehra ÖngülOrnamentations in Interior spaces (case study: old houses in Nicosia).Prof. Nurten Aksugür1998
FA (M.S Thesis) 65Emrah ArslanPartitions in Interiors: Classification, Performance Criteria and Selectiıon GuideProf. Dr. Erdal Aksugür2002
FA (M.S Thesis) 66Canan CakirAn Analysis of Evolution of Office Space in Respect to the Technology, Organizational Approaches and Human NeedsAssist. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2005
FA (M.S Thesis) 67Nihan ArsevenOrnamentation of Traditional Domestic Doors in Northern Cyprus  Prof.Dr.NurtenAksugur2006
FA (M.S Thesis) 105Anastasia ArtyukhovaThe Major Effects of Colours in Various Interior Spaces on the Performance, Behaviour and Phycho-Physiological Well-Being of the Users Prof. Dr. Erdal Aksugür2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 121Saeedeh Karbalaei ZeinaliAn Investigation of the Effect of Furnishing on the Hapticity of Architectural SpaceAssist. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 123Taraneh NoorianPersonalization of space in Office EnvironmentsAssist. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2009
FA (M.S Thesis) 134Zehra BabutsaliEvaluation of Authoritarian and Autonomous Interior Space Organizations: Case Study-TV StudiosAssoc.Prof.Dr. Ugur Ulaș Dagli2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 136Nazanin Sadat BehbahaniTheoretical Rewive on Color in Interior Spaces an Experimental Assessment of Iranian HousesAssist. Prof. Dr. Banu T. Çavuşoğlu2011
FA (M.S Thesis) 155Anil BasarcanA Model Proposal to Measure the Role of Design on the sense of Place Achievement at Interior Spaces Assist. Prof. Dr. Nil Pașaoǧlu Șahin2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 156Tugce ErgudenThe Importance of Soft Furnishings in Interior Spaces. Pilot Study- Living SpacesAssist. Prof. Dr. Zehra Öngül2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 158Roxaneh Fouladi NashtaSensibility of Space design in related with different performance; Opera, Musical, Play Observational, Qualitative Research; Case study UK-LondonAssoc.Prof.Dr. Ugur Dagli2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 162Elham ArabAn evaluation of interior space defining elements of re-functioned historic warehouses: Liman Road, FamagustaAssoc.Prof.Dr. Ugur Ulas Dagli2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 164Cemal OsmanlilarReflectance of Change within Space and the State of Human Sensation through Adaptive Re-use of Old Spaces Assist. Prof. Dr. Banu Çavuşoğlu2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 169Maryam Mansouri TehraniThe role of technology in providing the efficiency of Kitchen designAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ozlem Olgac Turker2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 178Amita MalekshahiInvestigation on restaurant Layout Design Asst. Prof. Dr. Nazife Ozay2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 181Mahsa Sadat Fard MoosaviEffect of Interior Changes on Earthquake Resistance of Building – cases: Reinforced concrete Frame SystemAssoc. Prof Dr. Yonca Hürol2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 209Sahel SayariEvaluation of Window Display of Retail Shops. A Case Study of İstiklal StreetAssoc. Prof. Dr. Uğur Ulaş Dağlı2012
FA (M.S Thesis) 210Şukufe KocabaşEvaluation of Circulation Paths in Public Buildings in terms of Accessibility: Re-functioned Public Historic Buildings in the Nicosia Walled City.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem Olgaç Türker (Supervisor),2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 211Mustafa ArıkanEffects of Lighting in the Creation of the Character of Space in Hotel Environments: The Case Study of Lobbies of Hotels Designed by the Idea Mimarlık CompanyAsst. Prof. Dr. Banu Tevfikler Çavuşoğlu2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 212Niusha BahmaniUnderstanding Territorial Behavior as a Key to Design of Formal Care Spaces for ChildrenAsst. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 213Hayder Mohammed Fieq Abdul Ameer AlnasserImportance of Color in Interior Architectural Space on the Creation of Brand IdentityAsst. Prof. Dr. Banu Tevfikler Çavuşoğlu2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 214Aida Alizadeh GarmroudiAn Investigation on Interior Spaces Related to Ornamentations (Based on Material) of Selected Spatial Houses of 'Kashan' (IRAN) in QAJAR Period (19)Prof. Dr. Kutsal Öztürk2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 213Sahar SafaviEffects of Design Principles on Visitors' Perception in Museum SpacesAssist. Prof. Dr. Rafooneh M. Sani2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 214Aida Alizadeh GarmroudiAn Investigation on Interior Spaces Related to Ornamentations (Based on Material) of Selected Spatial Houses of 'Kashan' (IRAN) in QAJAR Period (19)Prof. Dr. Kutsal Öztürk2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 215Sahar SafaviEffects of Design Principles on Visitors' Perception in Museum SpacesAssist. Prof. Dr. Rafooneh M. Sani2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 216Ayşen AtabeyA - Cross Cultural Comparative Study on the Personalization of Residential Living Spaces in North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Nazife Özay2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 217Elmira ArdakaniSitting on the Ground as an Important Factor in Formation of Traditional Houses in Hot Arid Region of IranAssist. Prof. Gita Farivarsadri2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 218İbtisam MohammedUnderstanding the Significance of Nature as an Integral Part of Interior Design vis-a-vis Kindergarten ArchitectureAssist. Prof. Dr. Münevver  Ö. Özersay2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 219Burcu EsentepeSpace Transformation and Change in Mass Housing in Nicosia, North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Kağan Günçe2013
FA (M.S Thesis) 220Mohammad Fathi TavaniRepresentation of the Interior Design of the Islamic Royal Courts in the Islamic Miniature PaintingsAssoc. Prof. Dr. Netice Yıldız2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 221Noushin HayatdawoodEvaluation of the Contemporary Art Museums with Emphasis on Interior Design FeaturesAssist. Prof. Dr. Nazife Özay2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 254Aida JalalkamaliRelationship between the urban form and socio-spatial segregation: the case of FamagustaProf. Dr. Nacye Doratlı2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 256Mehmet Emre ÇekmegelioğluInvestigating lighting in deconstructivist spaces Assoc.Prof.Dr. Banu Tevfikler2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 257Saya KaynamaInvestigating of formal aesthetic Elements in living spaces Prof.Dr.Kutsal Öztürk2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 258Bahareh Lashgari MortezapourInfluence of Digital technologies on the process of Interior Architecture Assoc.Prof.Dr. Banu Tevfikler2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 259Yousif Hussein Soleiman MohammadAppropriate Opening and Layout of Daylighting of Office spaces: the case of EMU faculty of architecture office buildingAsst. Prof. Dr. Harun sevinç2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 260Ayşe Gül CengizGreen hotels in Antalya Assist. Prof. Ozlem Olgac Turker2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 261Anahid RoshaniEvaluation of the exceptional specifications of colour in interior space by colour therapy attitude: patient room in healing environmentAssoc.Prof.Dr. Zehra Öngül2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 262Elnaz FarjamiThe role of contemporary innovations on flexible residential furniture with smart and green materialsAssist. Prof. Ozlem Olgac Turker2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 263Mohammad KamalzadehUse and creation of texture in commercial interior space: case study of Istinye Park shopping mall, Istanbul, TurkeyAssoc.Prof.Dr. Nil Pasaoglulari Sahin2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 264Ouldouz NaseriReconsidration of Opening Design in the Integration of Natural light into interior space Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nil Pasaoglulari Sahin2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 307Nermin GündoğduA Study on User to Their Residential InteriorsAsst. Prof. Dr. Ceren Boğaç2014
FA (M.S Thesis) 308Faraneh Sahraiyan JahromiAn Assessment of the Significance of Adaptive Reuse Focused Design Studio in Interior Design EducationAsst. Prof. Dr. Münevver Özgür Özersay2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 309Dan Ndataidi KoloAdaptive Re-Use Potentials of Post Office Buildings as Examples of British Colonial Heritage in Nigeria and North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Kağan Günçe2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 310Mahrokh PooyanmehrAn Assessment on Awareness Level of Graduating Students Regarding the Significance of SustainabilityAsst. Prof. Dr. Münevver Özgür Özersay2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 311Maryam GhasemiInvestigation of Traditional Dwellings in Four Middle Eastern Cities in terms of Strategies for Coping with Climatic Factors and PrivacyAssoc. Prof. Dr. Kağan Günçe2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 312Betül AkyalçınInvestigating and Categorizing the Concept of Flexibility in Mobile Interior Spaces: The Case Study of Yacht Interior SpacesAssoc. Prof. Dr. Nil Paşaoğluları Şahin2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 313Sıla Su YanarThe Concept of Model House: from Image to the RealityAssoc. Prof. Dr. Türkan Ulusu Uraz2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 314Finona KavakureThe Harmony between Costume and Interior Design: Some Cases from Medieval to Neo-classic Era in EuropeAssoc. Prof. Dr. Netice Yıldız2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 315Nagmeh PournayebAnalysis in Spatial Characteristics of Historical Iranian Mosques: Case Study on Modern and Contemporary Tehran MosquesAssoc. Prof. Dr. Asu Tozan2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 316Ladan MohammadzadehafsharAn Analysis on Spatial Organization of Living Room and Kitchen Spaces in Contemporary Domestic Architecture of Northern CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Asu Tozan2015
FA (M.S Thesis) 317Nasim SalamatMeasuring Sense of Interior Space through Symbolic Elements of Thematic Hotels in Bafra, North CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Ceren Boğaç2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 318Seyedmohammad TaghaviUsing Biomimicry as an Educational Tool in Interior Architecture Design StudioAsst. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 319Sardar Sulaiman ShareefConsiderations in Design of Interior Spaces for Autistic ChildrenAsst. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 320Hozan Latif RaufRethinking Contemporary Library Environment as a Social Learning CentreAsst. Prof. Dr. Münevver Özgür Özersay2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 321Anuoluwa Bunmi AyindeSpace Personalization in Students' Living Environment: Case of Eastern Mediterranean University Dormitories, North CyprusAsst. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 322Eliz ErdenizciSensual and Spatial Formation of Migrant Homes: Narratives of  Lived Experiences in Aşağı MaraşProf. Dr. Uğur Ulaş Dağlı2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 323Anahita GhadirAn Analysis of Privacy Through Plan Organization in North Cyprus Mass-Housing Apartment UnitsAssoc. Prof. Dr. Banu Tevfikler Çavuşoğlu2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 324Mahmood AlbrifkanyAnalysis of Converted Historical Mediterranean Churches and MosquesAssoc. Prof. Dr. Zehra Öngül2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 325Farnaz JoudifarReuse Potential of Three Monuments in the Walled City of Famagusta within Cultural Tourism PerspectivesAssoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem Olgaç Türker2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 326Nihad Ali Gafar MohamedAdaptive Re-Use Approaches on Converted Museums in the Walled City of North NicosiaAsst. Prof. Dr. Hacer Başarır2016
FA (M.S Thesis) 343Joyce Lamoltongu YilwaImpact Of Digital Communication Technology on Personalization Perception and usage of SpaceAsst. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri2017
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