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Ahmet Vural Behaeddin With Listed Works

"Architect Ahmet Vural Behaeddin with Listed Works" Event Held at EMU"

Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus Studies Center (EMU-CCS) and the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Architects organized an event "Ahmet Vural Behaeddin with Listed Works". Within the scope of the protocol in effect between EMU Faculty of Architecture and the spouse of the late architect Tülin V. Behaeddin, the events organized every year in memory of Behaeddin started with the opening speeches held at the Othello Castle in Famagusta.

EMU pioneered the listing of 13 rare works of Ahmet Vural Behaeddin, the first registered member of the Turkish Cypriot Community's Chamber of Architects and also one of the leading names of modern architecture in Cyprus, through EMU-CCS. With the said event, a plaque of appreciation was presented to the owners or representatives of the listed works for their sensitivity in the protection of the works.

Speaking at the opening, EMU-CCS President and Faculty of Architecture, Architecture Department Chair Prof. Dr. Naciye Doratlı welcomed everyone who attended the event and stated that EMU's relationship with the esteemed architect dates back a long time and that the Faculty of Architecture and EMU-CCS have organized many events related to the said esteemed architect. Providing information about the 13 works listed, Prof. Dr. Doratlı called for us to do the necessary work to list the remaining works. 

Türker Aktaç, President of the Chamber of Architects of KT, mentioned that the Chamber of Architects is aware of the importance of protecting Contemporary Turkish Cypriot Architecture as well as Cultural Heritage, and gave information about the studies and initiatives on this subject. Aktaç also stated that a new Architecture Center will be established and the works of architects who have contributed to the Contemporary Turkish Cypriot Architecture will be collected in this place and all architects and architecture students will benefit from it.

Speaking at the opening, EMU-KAM former president and Faculty of Education Dean Prof. Dr. Ülker Vancı Osam welcomed everyone who attended the event, stating that he is extremely happy and proud of the work carried out by EMU-CCS.

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek gave information about the Department of Architecture and stated that the Department is celebrating its 25th anniversary and that it has a respectable place in the world. Ahmet Vural emphasized that Behaeddin left his mark on the Turkish Cypriot History with his original works and that they are in various collaborations to keep his name alive. Prof. Dr. Dinçyürek emphasized that as the Faculty, they will continue to provide effective support in future studies. 

EMU Rector Prof. Dr. In his speech, Osam emphasized that EMU has undertaken a mission to protect the values of the Turkish Cypriot Community and carry it forward, and that it continues to work in this context. Prof. Dr. Osam stated that apart from the quality education provided by EMU, they protect the social values of the TRNC and that they aim to pass it on to future generations in a cultural context. Prof. Dr. Osam expressed his gratitude to everyone who participated in the event, stating that as the Rector's Office, they will try to support every event that EMU-CCS will organize. 


Speaking at the event, TRNC Minister of Education and Culture Özdemir Berova stated that the Turkish Cypriot Community is a society that has raised many important values during the difficult struggle years, and emphasized that Ahmet Vural Behaeddin has become the pride of the Turkish Cypriot Community with his work in the field of architecture. Hoping that such activities will continue to increase even more, Minister Berova stated that he found the event carried out by EMU meaningful. Berova said, "This kind of work of EMU, which is our vision as a state university, makes us very happy".

The event ended after the plaques were presented to the owners of the listed buildings and those who contributed to the event, the exhibition consisting of posters of some of the architect's works and the documentary screening on his life and works.

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