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Architect Behaeddin Student Awards-2010

EMU Faculty of Architecture Architect Behaeddin Student Awards.


Architect Behaeddin Student Awards, which are traditionally organized by EMU Faculty of Architecture every two years, have found their owners.

Architect Behaeddin Student Awards 2010 Competition jury was held at Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Architecture Hüseyin Ateşin Exhibition Hall on Friday, April 9, 2010. As a result of the evaluations of the jury members from Eastern Mediterranean University, International Cyprus University, European University of Lefke, Near East University and Girne American University, the following students in the Architecture and Interior Architecture branches were awarded with their work.

Architect Behaeddin Student Awards   have been organized by Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Architecture since 1999 in accordance with the protocol signed between Architect Behaeddin's wife Tulin Behaeddin and the Rectorate of Eastern Mediterranean University in order to cherish the memory of the first Turkish Cypriot architect Ahmet Behaeddin.

The awards were given to their owners at a ceremony held on Wednesday, April 14, 2010, at 16:00 , at the Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Architecture Hüseyin Ateşin Exhibition Hall.

Architecture Awards

1. Year Achievement Award:   Kamiar Yazdani (Eastern Mediterranean University)

Incentive award: Ece Mimaroğlu (Eastern Mediterranean University)

2. Year Achievement Award: Yavuz Selim Şeker (Eastern Mediterranean University)

Incentive award: Hasan Cemal Gündoğmuş (Eastern Mediterranean University)

3.  Year Achievement Award: Uğur Erden (Cyprus International University)

Incentive award: Hicret Nur Üstündağ (Cyprus International University)

4. Year Achievement Award: Hilal Taşpınar (Cyprus International University)

Incentive award: Hasan Ataçlı (Girne American University)

Interior Architecture Awards

Year Achievement Award:   Melis Kocamanlar (Girne American University)

Incentive award: Gediz Turan (Eastern Mediterranean University)

Year Achievement Award: Pink Winner (Eastern Mediterranean University)

Incentive award: Ayşegül Bozkurt (Girne American University)

Year Achievement Award: Gediz Turan (Eastern Mediterranean University)

Incentive award: Pink First (Eastern Mediterranean University)

 Incentive award: Kadir Erdinç Çelebioğlu (Near East University)

Year Achievement Award: Kadir Erdinc Çelebioğlu (Near East University)

 Incentive award: Fatih Tan (Girne American University).

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