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5th- Symposium on Turkish Cypriots

Symposium on Turkish Cypriots who left their mark is held today

The 5th of the "Trace Turkish Cypriots Symposium" organized biennially by the Eastern Mediterranean University Center for Cyprus Studies for values that contribute to the social, political and cultural life of the Turkish Cypriot people is held today.

At the symposium, which will be held in 3 sessions after the opening ceremony of the EMU Faculty of Architecture this morning, Ahmet Vural Behaeddin, one of the first architects of the Turkish Cypriots who built the first modern houses on the island of Cyprus, and Ali Atakan, who is described as the "teacher of teachers" and trained many painters, are the subjects of the symposium. .

In the symposium, which aims to introduce Turkish Cypriot values to the society, encourage research about them and contribute to the creation of resources about these people, the lives and works of Behaeddin and Atakan and their contributions to the Turkish Cypriot community life are examined.

Within the framework of the symposium, after the Ali Atakan exhibition opened yesterday, the Ahmet Vural Behaeddin exhibition was opened at the Faculty of Architecture today.

EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Ufuk Taneri, in his speech at the opening of the symposium,He noted that EMU maintains its leadership in academic life, with the value it attaches, also in the field of culture and arts.

Stating that the values of the Turkish Cypriot community are the values of the entire Turkish world, Taneri expressed his belief that very valuable sessions will be held at the symposium.

As a management that left 5 months behind in office, Taneri,Noting that they will accelerate the previous achievements of EMU , he said that they are a transparent administration, they follow a participatory policy, they attach great importance to knowledge and equipment.

Taneri's strategic priorities are; He added that internationalization, bringing scientific research to the forefront, accreditations, establishing a European qualification system and raising awareness among universities in the world.

EMU Faculty of Architecture Vice Dean Assoc. Dr. Naciye Doratlı stated that the symposium was very meaningful and that one of the values focused on this year is Architect Ahmet Vural Behaeddin.

Noting that the vision and goals of the Faculty of Architecture find identity in Behaeddin's works, Doratlı said that many of Behaeddin's works should be taken by architects and architecture students.

Doratlı stated that training valuable architects such as Behaeddin as a faculty is their biggest goal.

EMU Cyprus Studies Center President Prof. Dr. Ülker Vancı Osam stated that they have been preparing for the symposium for 6 months in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture and that they aim to address the values that left their mark in the memory of the society at an academic level.

Osam stated that Architect Ahmet Vural Behaeddin made history as one of the first architects to realize modern houses in the island of Cyprus, and Ali Atakan raised many painters for the Turkish Cypriot art life.

Osam also stated that they held the 5th of the Symposium on Turkish Cypriots Who Left their Mark as a Center, they have organized 6 international congresses, many symposiums and panels so far, they have published 24 books, and the Journal of Cyprus Studies has reached its 34th issue.

Access Date: 10/03/2021

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