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PhD in Architecture

#NameSurname Graduatıon dateThesis Title 
1NACIYEDORATLI2000A Model for Conservation and Revitalization of Historic Urban Quarters in Northern Cyprus
2AYSE BANUTEVFIKLER2002Concept of Daylighting in the Contemporary Architecture
3ÖZLEMOLGAC2002A Model for the Conservation and Continuity of a Vernacular Settlement: Kaplica Village, North Cyprus
4MUKADDESFASLI2004A Model for Sustaining City Identity, Case Study: Lefkoşa (Nicosia) in North Cyprus
5HIFSIYEPULHAN2002Analysis of Solid-Void Relationships as Design and Organization Principle in the traditional Houses of Nicosia
6HALIL ZAFERALIBABA2003An Expert System for the Selection of Building Elements During Architectural Design
7MUNEVVER OZGUROZERSAY2007The Essential Structure of an Empowering Interaction in the Design Studio: The Student's Perspective
8NAZIFEOZAY2005Modernity and Architecture of a Developing Country; North Cyprus
9ÖZGÜRDINCYUREK2002The Rural Vernacular Architecture of Cyprus (Northern)
10KAĞANGUNCE2007A Method for Visual Analysis of Architectural Form
11POLATHANCER2005Thermal Insulations of Roofs for Warm Climates
12NILPASAOGULLARI2004A Study on the Design Principles of Public Open Spaces in the Walled Cities: Case of Nicosia 
13EMREGUNCE2003Public Participation in the Planning Process (with Special Reference to Nicosia Master Plan)
14FERESHTEHHABIB2008A Socio-Cultural Attempt in Perceiving Urban Space: Chahar Bagh Street
15BESEROKTAY2005A Model for Measuring the Level of Sustainability of Historic Urban Quarters: Comparative Case Studies of Kyrenia and Famagusta in North Cyprus
16CERENBOĞAÇ2009Architecture for Meaning: Meaning Expression of Social Value Through Urban Housing in Gazimağusa, North Cyprus
17CEMİLATAKARA2011Relations between Different Space Characteristics and the Dominance Relations in Construction
18FARNAZPAKDEL2009The Effect of Physical and Social Changes on the Sense of Place in the Historic Quarter of Shiraz-Iran.
19RAFOONEHMOKHTAR SHAHI SANI2009Identity and Architecture.
20NOOR CHOLISIDHAM2011Seismic Vulnerability Assessment in Vernacular Houses: The Rapid Visual Screening Procedure for Non Engineered Building with Application to Java Indonnesia
21YARA HASSANSAIFI2012On Political Conflict and Architecture: Analysis of the Architectural Context of Jerusalem's Conflict
22NEVTERZAFER CÖMERT2013An Analytical Approach to the Theory of Urban Morphology.
23AFETÇELİKER2013The Role of Feng Shui Principles During and After the Architectural Design Process
24PINARULUÇAY2013A Model for North Cyprus on Sustainable Design Policies
25PAYAMMAHASTI SHOTORBANI2013Place Making for Urban Regeneration ıf silk Road Cities in İran.
26CANKARA2013A Study on Sustainable Land Use Planning Using Geographical Information System. The Case of Famagusta
27KAMILGULEY2014A Methodological Approach to the Usage of Color on Building Surfaces: Case of Salamis Road, Famagusta
28PARASTOOPOURVAHİDİ2015The study of Space Organization in Iranian Vernacular Architecture from Climatic Perspective. 
29MUGERIZA2014The role of City Branding in Urban Regeneration
30GHAZALFARJAMI ARDEKANI2015Lightness as an authentic Tectonic Characteristic of Contemporary Persian Architecture.
31OZNEMSAHALI2015Ontology of Contemporary Masonry and Frame Hybrid Structures
32HALLEHNEJADRIAHI2015Influences of Vernacular Strategies on the Development of Contemporary Houses in Kashan.
33UGOCHUKWU KENECHIELINWA2015Investigation the concept of post-coflict housing resettlement: a case study of Maras.
34BUKETASİLSOY2015Environmental Consciousness among the Residents of Famagusta: A survey study on the issues of Ecological City*
35HOURAKHSHAHMAD NIA2015A model for Analyzing Effects of Urban Spatial Configuration on Aesthetic Perception
36SHIRINIZADPANAH2015A post Occupancy Quality Evaluation Model for Preschool Settings’ Interior Spaces (PSIS)
37MUMUNE SELEN ABBASOGLU2016An Interdisciplinary Analytical Method For Reading Facades: Case Study of Village Squares of Kyrenia, North Cyprus
38EHSANREZA2016The Elucidation of Terraced Housing in Iranian Vernacular Architecture Through Fractal Models: In Case of Masouleh and Abyaneh Settlements
39DAMLAMISIRLISOY 2016A Holistic Model for Adaptive Reuse Strategies of Heritage Building 
40TIMOTHYONOSAHWO IYENDO2016A Model for Understanding the Role of Sound Perception in Hospital Space
41FODEI MOIWAI CONTEH2016Interrogating the Liveability of Kissy Street, Freetown: A Socio-spatial Approach 
42AHENK YILGIN DAMGACI2017Re-reading a Divided City Through Social Actors and Media Archives: Nicosia 1960-2010
43AYSE ARSLAN2017Exploration of Changing Dynamics of Small House Spatiality: From Minimised Space Usage to Dynamic Living Space
44MUSTAFA AKNAR2017Cure for Urban Rupture
TALEBIAN2017Identity Of Place, considering Place as Assemblage in the case of Mortafa Housing Complex, Iran
NABIZADEH2017Women and Home in Iran; The Impact of Ideological Tides through Modernization and Islamization
BILSEL2017Turkish Cypriot Public Scholl Architecture from 1878 to 2000: the Socio- Political and Educational Reflections