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EMU Interior Architecture Department Appears On IFI's (International Federation of Interior Architects) Website with an Activity Titled "Spaces For Everyone"

EMU Interior Architecture Department Appears On IFI

IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects) celebrates this year’s World Interiors Day under the theme “Interior Design for Generations: Changing Demographics in the World”. Numerous interior architecture schools and professional organisations organized activities under this theme to mark the World Interiors Day.

Students of Eastern Mediterranean University, Architecture Faculty, Interior Architecture Department joined the celebrations through a series of activities highlighting the concept of “Universal Design (Design for everyone)” and protesting against public spaces which do not consider the needs of various user groups from various generations including disabled citizens, children, old people, short people and so forth .

Under the suggested IFI theme of “Interior Design for Generations”, a group of students guided by Assist. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri decided to celebrate this day, by organizing an activity aiming to raise the awareness on the needs of various groups of users in public interior and exterior spaces. They also raised their voice against insensitive designs in their city which do not consider the needs of everybody.  

In this process, students chose a target user group (including children, elderly, wheelchair users, short people, bicycle users, mothers with baby pram, autistic, etc.). Then they analysed what the needs of users are and the problems they face in various spaces through empathising. They also tried to find out how should the proper quality of spaces be, so that these users use these spaces more comfortably. As the next stage, they made templates which contained words such as: “I cannot use it here” or “have you ever tried to walk here?” or “how can I come down from here?” and other similar templates with symbols and pictographs of their user groups. Then they painted their slogans, or hung them in various places in the city which could not be used by their groups due to design problems. At the last stage, students took the photographs of their works and exhibited them in the Faculty. The activity appeared on IFI’s webpage ( and was shared worldwide.

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Published Date
July 12, 2017