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Activities 2010

  • December 1, 2010


    Thought to the design of the new parliament building in the Near East University (NEU) to be undertaken by the Cyprus Presidency of the Assembly on 6 October 2010 with the signing of a protocol between the Near East University in North Cyprus, published in the press. Drawbacks of such an application is a multi-dimensional thinking and would like to warn our officials in this regard.

    First, to represent the Turkish Cypriot people will be a prestige structure must ensure the quality of the design of the new parliament building and the architecture is known all over the world to get quality, and even the rule of the current path connected to the organization of the competition for the design of such buildings. nonetheless an EU Directive No. 18 of 2004 regulation of competition for the design of public buildings on the budget and the budget required is for smaller structures are required to be offered at least three architectural office. Application of the competition all over the world, the Greek Cypriot side and Turkey carried out a very long time aksatmaksızın. Girls' High School in the northern part of Cyprus in Nicosia, Chamber of Commerce, Limassol and METU Campus Cooperative Central Bank stands as vivid examples of quality in buildings as a result of the competition. In particular, the structure of a state as a result of the intense efforts of the President of the Chamber of Architects Building KTMMOB design competition open architecture, the history of Northern Cyprus will be another successful application.

    The design of a structure, such as the opening of the parliament building competition and the quality is worthy of the arrest, and should not be neglected in terms of a process that has been practiced all over the world is very important.

    Other public buildings such as the Parliament do not mind not opening the design competition and transparency of how democratic is the destruction of the state.Demokratiklik damaged because those who do the job in such a dignified, democratically elected. Transparency will be damaged, because who is to do the job and according to what the decision given by the professional will not be explained from an objective perspective.

    News published in the press, free will and the economic strength of the design of the TRNC Parliament NEU at the direction of the TRNC state contains information that needs it. First KTMMOB determined by the Chamber of Architects and building a service charge depending on the field type and the structure that defines the lower limit of the application to be ignored, if any of the Chamber of Architects is an architect with the result given by the board of that person's honor, ethics is a crime committed against their colleagues.These and other applications all over the world, and is valid for all professionals serving the community. If the thought of such a crime to cause the state is nothing.

    In the same way there is the benefit of the state's turn to get free professional service, which is an indicator of modernity is an attitude undermines professionalism. Especially one that educates future professionals in a professional position in the university by the state anti-drift is very sad. Anyone who has money to build a building with a small percentage of that fee paid professionals and social responsibility is the essence of the contemporary business world.

    As a result, a new project of the TRNC Parliament Building and the state in order to obtain high-quality design in terms of democratically and not fall into the shadow şeffalığına international / national participation would recommend the organization of a competition. This recommendation is then made available for the design of all public buildings.