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Activities 2012

  • April 27, 2012

    ISVs-6 Sixth International Conference on Local Sites

    Completed successfully hosted the Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture

    ISVs-6 (6th International Seminar on Vernacular Settlements - 2012), the Sixth International Conference on Local Sites - 2012, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), hosted 19-21 April 2012 at the Culture and Congress Centre in Famagusta launched with a huge success and are carried out with international participation. Conference welcomed the invitees and participants exited a large ISVs-6 conference every two years since 1999 the ISVs (International Seminar for Vernacular Settlement) in the sixth conferences are held in North Cyprus. 

    In 2012, the Faculty of Architecture of EMU on the HERA-C: Housing, which is organized by the Centre for Educational Research and Consulting ISVs-6, all ISVs conferences held so far is the most intense international participation is defined as an academic activity. Head of Conference.Dr. According to information from Hıfsiye Pulhan'dan, ISVs-6 for three days, including Azerbaijan, Australia, Austria, Canada, Bahrain, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Iran, Colombia, Chile, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Egypt, Turkey , United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Sudan, Oman, the United States of America were presented from many countries. Every day, from past to present three parallel sessions in different geographies of the world's regional settlements and architecture, traditions and continuing today, and today their new residences of the effects and how sürdürüldükleri residential environments are discussed. "Today's Traditional Settlements: Environments, Processes, Notifications" under the theme, making local traditions, in fact, still continued with the idea of informal housing in circles ISVs-6, similar to the present-day vernacular architecture in some communities and demonstrate the properties of circles emphasized the housing, and in this context, the 'historic regional 'and' contemporary regional 'between the overlapping similarities or relationships established with differing aspects and focused on today's world. This is an important academic event in the United States, Howard Davis, England Nabeel Hamdi and Marcel Vellinga, Turkey Zafer Erturk, Suha Ozkan and Atilla Yücel areas has a reputation as a world-renowned invited speakers who have been involved in important.

    One of the main issues and challenges of today's basic architecture of the housing, which took place on local values and local architecture, ISVs-6, bringing together researchers, academicians and many experts in this field, put contribute to the knowledge of universal academic discourse and subsequent updating conferences has become a reference. Assoc. Dr.Hıfsiye Pulhan'dan information received by the other countries of the world will take place two years after the ISVs-7 may be based on the discourse, the results and recommendations of the conference has been one of the most successful have been completed. On the other hand, the academic infrastructure in Northern Cyprus through conferences, studies, and also introduced the world contribute to the knowledge of the foundations of the work has been taken forward and stated that academic collaborations. With the second post-conference technical tour of Northern Cyprus' natural, cultural and architectural riches in place by conference participants to contribute to the promotion of the country with famous sights are reported to be put in place.
    ISVs-6, Rector of Eastern Mediterranean University, TRNC President, National Education, Youth and Sports Ministry, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs carried out with material and moral support. Conference M. Candemir Construction Company, Namport Pastahanesi and Tursan Travel Agency also gave their support.