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Published Date: Monday, 16 October 2023


A national idea project competition is organized by the Cement Industry Employers' Union (ÇEİS), which has been operating since 1964, in order to promote the aesthetics and information of cement, to initiate and disseminate its production, design and application potential.


The Building Design Competition, which will be held for the third time this year, appeals to architects and engineers and aims to increase knowledge and application performance on concrete and cement. This year, the competition will evaluate sustainability in public areas by considering the way of bringing together the concrete from the existing ones, and in 2023, when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic, the public space will be frequently used as a way of meeting the needs, where different users can come together, spend time, and functionally public spaces. Beneficial design suggestions are expected.


The competition jury is one of the important names of the industry, İnş. Load. Eng. Ahmet TOPBAŞ, Assoc. Dr. Aktan ACAR, Dr. Architect Dürrin SÜER, Prof. Dr. It consists of Hüseyin KAHVECİOĞLU, Master Architect Pınar GÖKBAYRAK.


Applications for the competition will be received by professionals and students. Detailed features about the certificate worth 840 thousand TL in total can be found on the website


The competition, which has attracted great attention so far and made a significant contribution to the sector, is aimed to be an important step especially in the careers of universities. This year's theme was determined as "Together in Public Space"

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