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Activities 2011

  • October 24, 2011

    EMU Faculty of Architecture, Güner Khan recently lost a lecturer, an event organized by the significant moment.

    EMU Faculty of Architecture significant activity

    EMU Faculty of Architecture significant activity

    Eastern  Mediterranean University, Faculty of Industrial Design Department faculty member and the work transferred to the Kagan Guner hayatındankesitlerin a presentation full of success and supported such a personality that draws faculty left izlerinaltını continued with a workshop event was held Kulübüortaklığıyla MimarlıkFakültesi Industrial Products TasarımıBölümü and Design. EndüstriÜrünleri Assistant Head of Design Department. Assoc. Dr. Guita Farivarsadrikonuşmasında Kagan Guner colorful personality, design perspective, with features such as social responsibility, stood on the added value of the section.

    Deeply saddened by the untimely loss of the Faculty of Architecture Güner experienced instructor stating Kagan, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture. Dr. Sebnem Onal Hoşkara, the World  Day of Architecture  organized by the Faculty of Architecture of 3 October 2011 professors neglect, and never forget this event, he said. Prof. Dr. Hoşkara ordinary jobs that have made a memorial service to commemorate Güner Khan instead of editing the belief that it is more meaningful, "Humanitarian Designer" workshop organized with the theme was introduced.

    1. Kagan Guner Who was it?

    In 1963, Kagan Guner  Istanbul 'after completing a bachelor's degree doğdu.Mimar SinanÜniversitesi Industrial Products TasarımıBölümünde  Chelsea  College of Art and Design, received a master's degree. Then went on to a doctorate in the University of London. Besides Khan was very good and well-known painter Günerakademisyenliğin. Many international award-winning photos  in New York ,  London , Kardif,  Paris , Bologna, Lisbon, Bratsilava,  Istanbul , Tehran ,  Tokyo ,  Seoul , and in various cities of the world such as  London  Museum, Habashi Museum, Pompidou Center, as exhibited in major art centers. At present, many well-known works of the collections of museums and art centers take place. Kagan Guner, and some of them are portrayed in children's books as well as many international competitions and won awards. Some of the awards received: 

    2000 -  UNESCO  - ACCU, Japan
    1998 -  UNESCO  - ACCU, Japan 
    1993 - UNICEF Artist, Switzerland
    1993 -  UNESCO  - ACCU, Japan 
    1991 -  UNESCO  - ACCU, Japanese 
    1991 Bologna Children's Book Fair- Italy
    1990 - Bologna Children Book Fair- Italy
    Kagan Guner, at the same time, UNICEF,  UNESCO  and the Pacific Cultural Center was honored as a national artist. He is 20 years  in London in Famagusta after living in the EMU joined the family.

  • October 24, 2011

    World Architecture Day Celebrated

    Old  electricty  and former President of  Turkey  Human Rights Foundation President MimarYavuz Önen entertained.


    Eastern  Mediterranean University (EMU), Faculty of Architecture, on Monday 3 October 2011, at 13:30, Activity Center Hall Architects Day events took place under the Ancient World electricty and former President of  Turkey  Human Rights Foundation President MimarYavuz Önen entertained. "Human Rights" is celebrated with the theme of this year's World  Day of Architecture 'ndeYavuz Onen MimarlıkFakültesi students EMU 2011 - The first class quality of 2012Akademik Year "Architecture and Human Rights", made a presentation on. The provision of human rights and the general description of the responsibilities of tasarımcılarınsosyal yapanYavuz Onen, Turkey 's have a party in the area of law that is the subject of human rights, he said.

    After the collapse of the Twin Towers on human rights Onen indicating that the second phase, half of the world's land in the world today has been the actual and physical intervention, and can give them the issue of immigration as the greatest example is emphasized. The point of view of architects and related trade associations geniştuttuklarını not worked in terms of the architects work only stressed that social problems moving dadüşünerek business life. 
    Yavuz Onen, architecture, design work, and many, though related to your work or daily life is intertwined and recalled from individuals to the Chamber of Architects followed a policy of evaluating the society said.
    Onen,  Turkey 'said the establishment of the Human Rights Association in 1983, the Chamber of Architects urban temeldüşüncelerinin investigating the relationship of human rights and the legal bond formed, he said.  Turkey in the 1950s, the development of rural-urban migration has begun and professional environment that has become uncontrollable. As a result of the migration of the Chamber of Architects of 65% -70 detection of illegal structures in the settlements has occurred and as a consequence of the  choice that i have errors, unsanitary living conditions caused by the formation of çarpıklaşmaya he added.

  • June 1, 2011

    Proximity and Housing Workshop Oikodomos successfully completed - 6 May 2011

    This international study by the University of the Eastern Mediterranean Dr brought to Istanbul.Beryl Ozmen Mayer, Dr. Project Leader Prof. Kris Sheerlinck and Oikodomos. Dr. Leandro Madrazo'nun arranged koordinatörlüğüyle.
    France, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Northern Cyprus academics participating in the Departments of Architecture and Planning Partner Oikodomos work in a synchronized manner as part of a joint training program "Training is focused on housing, this study supported the Bologna criteria are carried out through a virtual campus environment.

    2009 - 2010 academic year studies conducted in a virtual environment, with a discussion of the neighborhood of Istanbul, this is the selected date Goksu-mediated Workshop adds a different dimension to the study, 14 faculty members and 45 partner schools successfully completed with the participation of international students.
    EMU and the ITU Taşkışla Housing education and research centers in cooperation with those involved in the workshop, and the former President of HREC Head of ITU. Dr. Sağlamer, ITU Deputy Vice-Chancellor and President Professor HREC. Dr. Ahsen Özsoy, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at ITU. Dr. Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu, Head of the Central HERA. Dr. URAZ turkan Nation, Ramon Llull University, Faculty of Architecture and Engineering Project Leader Prof. Oikodomos. Dr. Leandro Madrazo, EMU faculty member and Associate Vice-HERA office. Dr.Hıfsiye Pulhan, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Prof. faculty. Dr.Yurdanur Dülgeroglu Yüksel, Y. Assoc. Dr. Fatma Erko, Y. Assoc. Dr. Elmira lush, Öğr.Gör.Dr.Jasmine Alkışer, and Dr. HREC office manager. There Baslo breeze.
    Oikodomos Virtual Campus Research Project For detailed information for those interested in:
  • May 23, 2011

    Home Professor Foreword by Vincenzo Lucchese Salati

    Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Communications, Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design at the invitation of the university  Professor. Dr. Vincenzo Lucchese Salati ,
    April 19, 2011, Tuesday, 10:30 at the Faculty of Architecture A01 (Alpay Özdural) a presentation of the conference room and the coat of arms was interviewed CYPRUS IN VENICE.  Prof. Salati, 20-22 April 2011 at the Faculty of Communication, Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design students and faculty members were also conducted workshops with the review.